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Ping Pong Show

Welcome to the dark and strange underworld of Rodney and Alexandra… Where the bizarre becomes normal and theatre and glamour are turned on their heads.

This stunning number harks back to the magical world of 1930’s Berlin illustrated in the musical Cabaret and is performed to the dangerously erotic soundtrack of The Dresden Dolls’ “Missed Me.”

In demand within Cabaret and Burlesque shows across the globe, this act is sexy, funny and beautifully strange. It includes highly charged quirky characters and unique world class juggling and manipulation with tricks that will leave you stunned and asking “Did I really just see that?”

Between them Rodney and Alexandra have won awards at the Edinburgh Festival, the Paris Music Hall Festival and the World Juggling Championship. They have also appeared with musical cabaret stars Meow Meow and Amanda Palmer.

Standard Length of Performance:
A standard performance takes 8 minutes.

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Funny and beautifully strange

Their tricks will leave you stunned

Unique world class juggling

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Rod & Alex – Ping Pong Show ‘s Previous Clients:

Pop Singer Amanda palmer
Cabaret Star Meow Meow
Black Cat Cabaret
Mondrian Hotel
Tobacco Factory
The Burlesque Show
Ministry of Burlesque

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