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The events entertainment industry is constantly in a state of flux. Companies demand uniqueness and originality in every corporate event they organise, the idea of being relevant fuelling every facet of their plans so they can always be up to date with the latest trends. With popular culture, social influences and current affairs continuously shaping opinions, entertainment trends for corporate events can shift on an almost daily basis, so it is vital to keep your finger on the pulse.

Entertainment can make or break a corporate event. It is a reflection of the company’s brand, so it is essential to choose with care, making sure the experience stands out in the best way for your guests. Corporate events are a major element when it comes to connecting with an audience and companies are always looking for fresh ideas to make theirs unique; with 81% of event planners stating that innovative ideas are the main aspect they look for (EventManagerBlog, 2018)

Stay ahead of the curve and check out our predicted entertainment trends for corporate events:

1. Artistic Entertainment – Inspire your guests with wonderfully engaging entertainment that looks great. In the world of social media, visuals are a key factor at grabbing attention. By offering attractive backdrops, striking and even avant-garde performers you are encouraging guests to take pictures; increasing brand awareness and spreading the word.

2. Personalised Entertainment – Appeal to each individual with brilliantly bespoke entertainment that makes them feel important. Everyone consumes information differently and there is a great benefit to catering to independent minds. In society we are consistently flooded with data from the media, so much so that it starts to blend into the background. As a result, they have begun looking for new ways to attract your attention, introducing techniques like targeted adverts and customised emails. Companies are looking to replicate this at corporate events and in-store promotions, making sure each guest feels special with entertainment such as personalised embroidery, interactive performers, bespoke themed entertainment or even personalised event mementos created especially on the spot.

3. Interactive Entertainment – Intrigue the attendees with entertainment they can immerse themselves in. It has been reported that the average attention span has dropped over the years due to the ever-increasing volume of information – reportedly going from 12 seconds to 8 seconds over the last 18 years according to a Microsoft Study. This means that if you are going to engage your guests you need to provide them with interactive entertainment that will connect them to the event. Technology is particularly effective, drawing in people with Virtual Reality experiences or GIF and Photo Booths that ensure all their attention is caught up in your chosen entertainment. Interactive Entertainment is also a great medium for team-building activities.

4. Exclusive Entertainment – In this day and age uniqueness is a valuable asset. There are countless platforms where new ideas are always being introduced, so you have to work twice as hard to conjure up something completely new and fresh. At a corporate event you can offer a one of a kind experience; whether it is creating an immersive journey, a unique combination of performances, booking a famous singer, band or speaker or planning something bespoke that is completely customised to your guests.

5. Environmentally Friendly Entertainment – Ensure you are doing your part and being environmentally conscious when planning your event. With Corporate Social Responsibility influencing a company’s actions as well as the powerful words of environmental activist Greta Thunberg, there is a distinct and understandable pressure to be sustainable. Alongside the obvious benefits, there is the opportunity to incorporate this into the theme of the corporate event, creating a sustainable paradise that will only leave an imprint on their minds instead of the environment. An example of this is biodegradable pavement advertising.

As a highly experienced entertainment booking agency, we have a practised knowledge of what garners results in the industry. We have a first-hand understanding of key entertainment trends for corporate events and can recommend the right entertainment to suit what you are looking for. If you want to plan a corporate event for 2020 that will astound and delight your guests, then we are here to help. Just get in touch to book some amazing corporate entertainment that will make your event a truly spectacular occasion.

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