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Andy has previously worked with the band Portishead as tour DJ and sample finder for the first two albums ‘Dummy’ & ‘Portishead’. Andy has also contributed sample material for the recent Prodigy album ‘Invaders Mius Die’. Andy, being an expert on retro sounds, now runs several successful 1950’s & 1960’s nights including Madame Jo-Jo’s in London and regular monthly Fridays in Bristol, The Big Chill Bar and Nottingham, The Moog club. He now plays an irresistible mix of 50’s Jump Blues, 60’s Northern Soul and Motown, Ska and Rockabilly to audiences from of any age range.

Andy has released several prominent DJ mix CD’s including; The Document 1, 2 & 3 (FFRR, Illicit & Sanctuary), The Trojan Document, The Greensleeves Document, Lets Boogaloo Volume 4. He is also half of a recording partnership and has issued several re-edits of his own.

2 X Technics SL 1200/SL 1210 Mk2 Turntables, Mixer (preferably with monitor level), Monitor, PA required.

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Expert on retro sounds

Plays an irresistible mix

Suitable for audiences of any age range

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Andy – Retro Club DJ ‘s Previous Clients:

Madame Jo-Jos
Big Chill
The Book Club
Vibe Bar
George Orwell
Jazz Café
V and A
The Farmhouse

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