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Around The World in 80 Ways – Comedy Act | UK

Around The World in 80 Ways

Although plagued by disaster and blind incompetence, these veteran explorers continue in their historic scheme to circumnavigate the globe in a variety of ridiculous ways. Hailing from a bygone era of bravado and derring-do, eccentric expeditions and valiant buffoonery, these two colourful characters face the many challenges that arise during their adventure with barely a trace of sanity and unwittingly entertain people everywhere. Just one of their many novel modes of transportation is the Balloon-o-Ship, which although still unable to fly is nonetheless at the mercy of buffeting winds, freak thermals and the local population.

Even their navigational skills may seem a little peculiar to an outsider, in the course of their expedition they’ve dropped (or crashed) into hundreds of events all over the place this year, including festivals, product launches, cabarets, trade shows, concerts, parties, fundays and anywhere else in need of exploration.

Available as either a two man or three man performance this is truly the most eccentric entertainment you can find to wander around your event!

Photos of Around The World in 80 Ways