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Comedy Act: The Surreal World Of Edmond

Edmond accidentally finds himself trapped in a perpendicular world of absurdity, where the bizarre is always close on his heels. Amidst a reality of swarming bees, smashing vases, ringing telephones, alarm bells, spaghetti western gun fights, improbably large monsters, crashing glass, low flying helicopters, packs of hunting hounds, squeaky prams etc…He attempts to keep his composure.

The show uses only a remotely controlled amplified suitcase, to combine music sound effects and mime, into an improvisational high energy comedy performance. Edmonds environment provides his props, and his audiences supply his stooges, within his self absorbed world of misfortune and adventure. The show mischievously plays with cultural and social conventions and etiquette, whilst it also uses soundscape illusions to deceive its audiences making for an exceptionally personal, emotional and engaging performance.

Each show is written for and tailored to each venue in advance, and due to the vast and ever growing library of sound effects, it is adaptable to almost any situation or environment from the subtle to the outlandish. Poor weather is not a problem either as Edmond has an entire arsenal of appropriate sound effects to use with or without his umbrella.


"I got more feedback about him than anyone else"
- Private Client

"One of the best shows Ive seen this year"
- Glastonbury Festival

"Many thanks for bringing smiles to so many faces"
- City of London Festival

"An eccentric contribution to the festival. Many Thanks"
- National Theatre London

Previous Clients Include:

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Photos of Edmond