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Electric Mime provides fabulous theatre, refreshing and unusual entertainment, surreal happenings and theatrical solution. They specialise in street and physical theatre and can create bespoke performances to suit.

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Provides fabulous theatre

Refreshing and unusual entertainment

Surreal happenings and theatrical solution

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Here’s what Electric Mime – Mime Artists’s clients said:

“Brilliant, thank you! All your entertainers were excellent and went down really well – it would be difficult to pick a favourite, but the Electric Mime guys would come close.”

Conference Connections

“Electric Mime did a fantastic job for us at our Annual Hootenanny as the “Clockman”… worked extremely hard under difficult conditions and was a real asset to the programme. I hope that we will be able to use him again next year in some capacity. I just wanted to let you know that we would highly recommend his services to anyone.”

Private Client

“I just wanted to let you know the fantastic response we had from our customers and our partners alike towards ‘Gold People’. They were absolutely delightful and fun and helped make our special events day truly spectacular…we will not hesitate to request them again for further events and promotions.”

Private Client

”The guys were brilliant, a real eye catcher and a perfect choice for this type of show. I look forward to working with them again. Thanks for all your help.”

ArcGen Hilta


Electric Mime – Mime Artists’s acts available:

French Mime

Their classic French mime artist with traditional costume is easily recognized and professionally executed. White Faced Mime is an excellent non verbal accompaniment to any event. More than one mime artist can be provided.

Mime Artists in Customised Costume

The white faced mime is often associated with European theming, black and white theming and period theming but it is also possible to add a twist to the traditional mime artist by blending elements of costume (pilot, policeman, chef, etc).

Contemporary Mime Characters (Gold People)

Check out the Gold People, the definitive mannequin/statue act. Synchronized movement, surreal situation comedy and stylishly observed humour. (Solo to five performers).


Campo is an award winning street show that captivates and includes the audience as Campo the Mime transforms a seemingly innocuous rock in to a human statue. What follows is the relationship between a sculptor and his muse that is not as harmonious as one would hope.


Electric Mime – Mime Artists’s previous clients:

Jools Holland New Years Eve ‘Hootenanny’
Rolf Harris ‘Rolf on Art’
Coca Cola
Slough Festival
Hammersmith Council
Circus Malabristas
Evening Standard

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