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F1 and GT Racing Simulator | UK

Although capable of giving the most experienced drivers the white-knuckle ride of a lifetime, the state of the art technology behind these simulators makes them infinitely adaptable so that even novice drivers can enjoy them – indeed, with their telemetry output facility they are used for training of new and professional drivers alike.

They can also stamp your brand and marketing message indelibly on the memories of everyone taking part by applying them to the F1 Rig itself as well as making it a prominent part of the associated backdrops. More memorable and impressive still, we can customise the racing car in the simulation to feature your logo too for a truly immersive marketing adventure!

The simulators are based on state of the art simulation technology, thereby guaranteeing an unprecedented sense of total immersion

Standard Length of Performance:

2 hour set-up and testing, approx 3-4 hours run time (hosted at all times), 1-2 hours breakdown time.

Photos of F1 and GT Racing Simulator