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Alive! Living Statues provide the most entertaining and visually stunning human statues in the UK. Quirky mime performance with a twist mixes with their hyper-realistic costumes to stun and enchant guests in disbelief – Did that statue just wink at me?

With a full range of characters covering every theme, these statues do much more than stand still: From bronze camera men that take your picture to classical statues that take your hat and coat – whatever your event these statues are sure to provide fun and surprises.

Having learned their craft at London’s Covent Garden, these performers are experts at drawing large crowds and keeping them entertained. With international experience working at some of the biggest events on the planet, you can be assured you’re hiring the very best.

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Visually stunning human statues

Hyper-realistic costumes

Stun and enchant guests in disbelief

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Here’s what Alive Living Statues – Living Statue’s clients said:

“Realistically unreal”

The Guardian

“Brilliant as always, we love working with you guys.”

Virgin Atlantic

“A massive thank you to all the statues! They were great and really brought the event to life! Thanks from all the team, well certainly be in touch soon for future events!”


“A beautiful and mysterious performance, that brought an element of sophistication and charm to the Sense and Simplicity event. Thanks again, we look forward to using you next year!”


“You looked amazing and weve had great feedback from everyone involved. Thank you for all your brilliant work.”

3 Mobile

“Thank you for your hard work and excellent performance, the management team were thrilled. You seemed to be a real hit with delegates, thanks again!”


“Your performers are fantastic! Each and everyone of them! The statues went down a storm – lots of photos being taken and jumping back by people who were very surprised when they moved… And they were all so nice – and very sympathetic about the last minute change of venue and the timing challenges that meant for us. They were all great…It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to our next event together.”

Aspect Ltd (via Contraband)


Alive Living Statues- Living Statue’s Characters Available:

The Bronze Paparazzi

What a scoop! This statue has got photos to take, and he’s got all the angles covered. Hot off the press, this paparazzi living statue is a great welcome act for events, with his flashing camera and quirky humour, your guests will feel like stars as they’re ‘papped’ on arrival.

The Bronze Cricket Player

Are you stumped for the perfect living statue for your event? Look no further than the bronze cricket player and you’ll be bowled over. This stunning hyper-realistic bronze costume will stun all who see it, so real that people have to touch it to believe it.

Georgian Stone Man

Elegant and sophisticated this living statue can bring a statuesque theatrical element to any event. Looking like a solid piece of grey stone, he stands looking ancient and stately, but don’t stray too close – you could become part of the entertainment.

The Bronze Doctor

With his stethoscope at the ready and medicine bag at hand, The Bronze Doctor is a miracle of the medical world – are you brave enough to have your pulse checked? Causing hilarious reactions when he bursts into life, this is one of the most realistic statues in the business.

The City Gents

Custom made for the Conservative Party, The City Gents bring a weathered charm to any occasion. Made with a dirty London stone paint effect they are wonderful additions to any City or London themed event. You can book up to four city gents at a time – why not customise them with a coloured tie to match your corporate colour or event theme? With their bowler hats and umbrellas, these old London gents are ready for a long day of toil in the city – you can bank on them for a great performance.

The Classical Lady

Beautifully simple and elegant The Classical Lady is the perfect example of a living statue. Her romantic poise and gestures bring a sophisticated element to all venues and her realistic light stone colour fools the eye. Perfect as a double act with the Georgian Stone Man, they can adorn the halls of any stately home or venue and delight your guests with their elegance and romantic performance.

The Bronze Shopkeeper

A stunning human statue who looks like he has stepped straight out of the Victorian era. Exquisitely made with hand painted detail, he fools the eye like no other and draws huge crowds. He is fully customisable, and he can be accessorised with bronze props to link him to your event or products. If you need a high quality living statue to promote an event, draw attention or entertain the crowds, look no further than the Bronze Shopkeeper.

Jacob Marley

With a clank of his chains and a stern look in his eye, this Jacob Marley living statue will help you correct your errant ways this Christmas. A perfect spooky Christmas offering, Jacob Marley will try and guide your guests back to the path of righteousness just like he did with his old business partner, Ebenezer Scrooge.

The Bronze Golfer

Tee off your event and keep it in the fairway with this amazing Bronze Golfer living statue. With his club at the ready, he stands with perfect poise and elegance to enchant and delight your guests.

Silver Sherlock Holmes

The great detective stands poised with his magnifying glass ready to search for clues on any unsuspecting guests that might pass his way. Made with a unique pewter silver style paint effect, this human statue is a wonderful character – truly in his element, he’s elementary dear Watson.

The Bronze Butler and Maid

Ready to wait on your every need, the Bronze Butler and Maid are a perfect double act ready to welcome you into an event. Styled in a classic, simple and sophisticated way they are perfect for high-end venues and hotels.

The Stone Angel

Elegantly poised with her graceful sandstone wings the Stone Angel is a romantic and beautiful statue, perfect for weddings and romantic occasions.

The Tennis Player

This retro Fred Perry style tennis player will be game, set and match at your event. With his dashing style and cutting forehand, a sudden swing of his racket will get your guests jumping in fits of laughter.

Toy Soldier

Hed done three tours of Nam and two sales at Poundland, nothing scares this guy, except perhaps vacuum cleaners and being stepped on. Perfect for toy stores, toy fairs, shopping centre entertainment and military events this statue makes everyone stand to attention.

Queen Victoria

Have a Royal Command performance by inviting this Queen Victoria living statue to your event. Perfect entertainment for Victorian and British themed events this grumpy Queen Victoria is certainly not amused, but you most certainly will be.

The Royal Bodyguard

You wont find an upper lip stiffer than his, nor a mightier moustache to adorn it. Team Queen Victoria up with her Royal Bodyguard for a hilarious Victorian pairing.

Silver Footballers

Custom made for Wembley Stadiums VIP lounge these Silver Footballers have appeared at the home of football for every major soccer match in 2012-2013. Made with a stunning reflective silver material these statues draw huge crowds for every game.

Jazz Man

With his trumpet in hand this guy knows all the tunes, custom made for a new London jazz venue youll hit all the right notes booking this guy.

Florence Nightingale

The lady with the lamp comes to your event with this elegant and graceful living statue of Florence Nightingale. Great for British or Victorian themed events she brings a sophisticated charm to any occasion.

Custom Made Statues:

Alive Living Statues are happy to create brand new characters to fit your event’s theme.

Other Characters Available:

Grumpy fishmonger and his fishwife, lady reporter, pawnbroker, lady shopkeeper, equestrian man and equestrian lady, casino croupiers, tram driver, Victorian innkeeper, Victorian barmaid, bronze cricket umpire and many more.


Alive Living Statues – Living Statues’s previous clients:

Virgin Atlantic
20th Century Fox
Carphone Warehouse
Wembley Stadium
London 2012
The Conservative Party
The Economist
Ernst & Young
Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix
Istanbul Biennial
Durham University
Oxford University
Cambridge University
British American Tobacco
Johnstone’s Paint
The Law Society
Louis Vuitton
Singapore Kite Festival
Royal Sun Alliance
Taylor Wimpey
Winchester BID
Raffles City Shopping Centre
City of Toronto
Welsh Assembly Government
Bellway Homes
Regent Street Festival
Kent County Show
Norfolk County Show

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