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Human Statues

Living Statues never fail to entertain! Place our statues in an area that your guests will be sure to pass; everyone is surprised as the statues come to life. Our living statues can come with hidden extras, such as lights and MP3 players that only activate when the statue moves.

Each statue is equipped with its own plinth. This allows the statue to blend in with other statues or alternatively stand out on its own. We have many years experience in creating beautiful statues, and our in house team of designers allow us to create stunning and detailed costumes, along with our use of the highest quality make up and knowledge, it allows us to produce both life like and surreal statues to the highest standard.

Our living statues have been used in the biggest and most exclusive venues and events, weddings, gala dinners, red carpets, drinks receptions, corporate launches, product awareness and promotion, trade shows, private events and TV.

Originally commissioned by George Pragnell the Jewellers to launch their spectacular new pieces, this life size Hummingbird is just as magical, beautiful and elegant as its miniature.

The Hummingbird

This fabulously stunning character is dressed in the highest quality hand dyed feathers, a sapphire blue body stocking sprinkled with Swarovski crystals and finished off with a fine black Swarovski crystal covered beak. Perched high on her plinth this living statue glides silently from position to position, an amazing must have for high end corporate or private event. If you have a birdcage prop, why not place our beautiful hummingbird in your birdcage for a stunning finish. A perfect addition to garden, animal or jungle themed events.

White Stone

Created as replicas of the white living statues that perform at the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas. Elegant and refined, the white stone living statues are in high demand. They will draw you close to gaze and wonder. With a hidden speaker playing classical music, adding to the magic as these characters move gracefully into position.

The white stone statues movements and gentle poise make them the perfect choice for events that require a sophisticated edge. Ideal for weddings they can be placed in any location to add a touch of magic to your day.

These can be booked as a pair or separately, if booked as a pair they can be placed together to create scenes together or can be placed in separate locations.

Heaven and Hell

Let our devil and angel living statues bring the evil and holy to your event.
The Angel will blow beautiful bubbles, gracefully moving from position to position to the delights of your guests. The more abrupt devil will give a fright to any passersby who dare to come close enough. Devilish fun for all to enjoy! These characters can be booked together or separately.

Golden Cupid

Bows and arrows may have been all well and good in the days of the gods, but todays times call for something with a little more kick, or even blow, to make those lovers pay attention!

For the new and improved and extremely entertaining golden cupid living statue carries with him his fabulous love-zooka. Youve heard of air guitar and air kisses; well now prepare yourself for the astonishingly entertaining love-zooka. It will fire an extremely harmless blast of air carrying the love to surprised passes by up to 20ft away.

The Love-zooka propels a powerful pocket of love. Its a bit like having an invisible pair of mega-powerful bellows. With its walloping phantom blasts, love-zooka will have passes by confused to the point of insanity and into the arms of others. They really wont know whats hit them!

Ice Pixies

Meet the Ice Pixie prince and princess living statues! Sometimes also likened to Jack Frost, they are a fabulous addition for any event. These characters appear frozen in time, but will you be ready for them to thaw out? Mischievous by nature, the ice pixie prince and princess living statues love nothing more than to surprise, and after many years of being frozen, curiosity often gets the better of them.

When these beautiful ice pixie royalty thaw out, you will be dazzled by their ultra bright twinkling light filled jackets and accessories which are at their most beautiful out of daylight, albeit still very visible. Also equipped with a hidden mp3 player which activates as they thaw. Available together or can be booked separately.

The Ice pixies are also fabulous stiltwalkers and roller/ice skaters which can all be utilised at your event. At previous events the ice pixies have surprised and delighted guests as statues, and then gone on to mischievously skate around between courses in a cirque du soleil style, silent but extremely interactive. At other events they have also helped with awards by collecting the lucky award winners from their seats to collect their acknowledgments.

Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington living statue loves to scare people, really scare them. Hes headstrong, confident, and likes grand gestures. Now hes working night and day to make your Halloween festival the greatest ever.

Golden Olympians

The golden Olympian statues are incredible additions to any event looking for a fabulous talking point or show stopping entrance. Painted head to toe in the very highest quality gold pigment and the dressed in gold hot pants these statues really do look every inch the Olympians. Available without the flaming torches, for those events which cannot have naked flames. Each statue also has its own plinth which can be dressed in accordance to the venue or client. Available as a solo performer, or two performers.

The Golden Surfer

Originally commissioned by Manchester airport, this statue is great for any event where a little sunshine is needed! Complete with plinth and a life size surf board, he comes alive to meet and greet your guests. His robotic movements will have crowds gathering and waiting for him to come to life once more.

Grim Reaper

Enter the Grim Reaper, the black-cloaked, scythe-wielding personification of death. We all know exactly who he is and what he wants. He comes for every person, hourglass in hand, waiting for the last grain of sand to fall. When it does, he collects the soul with a well-practiced cut of his razor-sharp blade. Our grim reaper living statue will be ready and waiting to give your guests a thrill to remember. Look into his cowl if you dare to see his glowing red eyes staring into your soul. Thrilling Halloween entertainment at its best.


The Gorgon is a creation that needs to be seen to be believed. Exclusively designed and hand crafted the Gorgon is a stunning show piece for gothic, Halloween or horror themed events. Truly one of a kind the Gorgon is also fabulous to use in your guests photos or as a welcome host. Light up wire can be added to this character head to create an extra feature at darker venues.

The Mannequin

The Mannequin comes in many forms and is perfect for those clients that want to surprise shoppers and guests! The mannequins can be stood amongst real mannequins, in similar or the same costumes, ready to come to life and surprise! Our mannequins have performed in store windows for an attention grabbing publicity stunt, at trade fairs and in store for launches and promotions. Any mannequin replication is possible, and we love nothing more than to astound and entertain!


Recreate the elegance and decadence of the Venetian court with our fabulous masquerade living statue. His fabulously detailed costume is authentic to the last detail. Beautifully rich, heavy fabrics and huge plumes of feathers create an opulent, decadent look. The Masquerade living statue is a charming character, scraping and bowing to your guest’s screams and laughter, and he loves nothing more than to twirl a beautiful signora.
This fabulous character also has a hidden mp3 player which can play music of the clients request which plays as this statue comes to life, to create the complete magical experience.

The Oscars

Bringing Hollywood glamour to your event are our Oscar living statues. Lifelike copies of the most recognised trophy in the world which has stood on the mantels of the greatest filmmakers in history since 1929. Oscar statues set the scene and are the perfect addition to your red carpet entrance, but these statues are full of surprises, definitely as far as your VIPs’ are concerned anyway.

Why not start the fun and laughter from the beginning, and start your event as you mean to go on. When these Oscar statues come to life, make sure your paparazzi are ready to capture moments fit for the big screen. As an alternative, if you are looking for something a little more risqué, our Oscar Living statues are also available professionally body painted. Perfect torsos’ covered in the highest quality liquid gold, sure to bring a smile to the faces of all.

A Midsummer Nights Dream

A Midsummer Nights Dream living statue. This is the latest addition to the Gravity family! Great for many events and occasions, particularly equestrian events.

Bespoke Living statues

We pride ourselves on our creativity end expert costume and statue creation. In fact every statue we have created has been per a client brief, working with clients closely to bring their idea into reality. Whether it be for a trade show, exhibition, product launch, brand awareness/promotion, or simply to bring you event theme together. We are highly experienced and understand all aspects of events and what is expected of us.

Set Times

3-4 x 30 min sets; meet & greet: 60-90 min.

These are flexible guidelines and we work with every client to provide entertainment that meets their specific requirements and ensures that they have high impact, professional entertainment at each event.

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Living Statues never fail to entertain

You’ll be surprised when the statues come alive

Using make up of the highest quality

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Here’s what Gravity – Human Statues’s clients said:

“I and the whole Royal Variety team would like to pass on our sincerest thanks to you for taking part in this year’s show. It was lovely to meet you all; you were all such a pleasure to deal with over the weekend, you guys did an amazing job! We’re all still trying to get over a) those amazing feathers and b) the sight of seeing you all crouching down and climbing up and down the stairs in that theatre on your stilts!!”


“Just a note to say thank you to you and all your team for all your hard work. The whole show was amazing from start to finish and the party was a huge success so thank you very much.”


“Our guests were truly amazed to see you. Your costumes were magnificent and I cannot express how grateful I am for doing such a magnificent job.”

Robert Hardwick Jones

“He was brilliant and one of the stars of the day! The visitors loved him and he had such a great personality. We would recommend him to everyone.”

Stockport NHS Foundation Trust (via Contraband)

“Thank you for providing the performers for us. The statues were brilliant and took a lot of people by surprise.”

Eventia (via Contraband)


Gravity – Human Statues’s previous clients:

Millers Vanguard
Showstoppers Worldwide
Coventry City FC
Taylor Lynn Corporation
Leeds Law Society

As seen on The Royal Variety Performance 2007

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