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Frisky & Mannish – Musical Comedy Duo | UK

Frisky and Mannish are a comical music duo, formed in London in 2008. Well known for a style of parody that consists of “shrewdly crafted, expertly delivered and rapturously received observations” on pop music, they portray themselves as “pop educators.” They have been called “the mad scientists of pop, mixing unlikely solutions from incompatible artists and distilling entire genres into their separate elements”.

Frisky & Mannish have a number of hilarious shows available – for the full song list for each set, please download the technical specification below.

Frisky & Mannish: School of Pop
This show is a collection of elementary teachings in pop analysis, designed to introduce beginners and novices to the world of ‘Pop Hermeneutics’.

Frisky & Mannish: The College Years
An advanced thesis on COLLISION THEORY for intermediate pop students, applying their elementary education to more advanced concepts.

Frisky & Mannish: Pop Centre Plus
A careers advisory service for young pop hopefuls, utilising F&M’s patented five-prong ‘Career-Path Classification System’.

Frisky & Mannish: Extra Curricular Activities
A no-holds-barred, full-throttle, take-no-prisoners hit of pure F&M.


“Impossible to describe and just as difficult to believe.”
- The Skinny

“It’s next-to impossible to do justice to what happens during a Frisky and Mannish gig…”
- The Telegraph

“We really don’t know how to categorize Frisky and Mannish.”
- Fringe Guru

“Why you wanna try to classify the type of thing that we do? Cos we’re just fine doing what we like, can we say the same for you?”
- JC Chasez, *NSYNC

“Shrewdly crafted, expertly delivered and rapturously received observations”
- Time Out

“The King and Queen of the Fringe Festival”
- Three Weeks

“The most brilliant piece of parody I’ve ever seen”
- Broadway Baby

“The original and by far the best on the cabaret musical mashup scene”
- Edinburgh Spotlight

“A riotous night out”
- Guardian

“A constantly evolving force of musical nature”
- Metro

“Simon Cowell would struggle to fault this”
- Evening Standard

“Devastatingly clever”
- Arts Hub

“The most fun you can have on the Fringe without chemicals”
- Chortle

“The atmosphere hit fever pitch”
- West Australian

“Not only hilariously funny, they’re also both brilliant musicians”
- List

Photos of Frisky & Mannish

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