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Anca & Lucca carry out a pure demonstration of the power of their minds, as spectators become part of the newest and unsurpassed illusions of mental magic, from mind-reading to clairvoyance to impossible predictions.

Mind Readers Anca and Lucca, the current FISM European and Vice-World Champions of Mental Magic, have been challenging themselves and their audiences around the world to bring a new dimension to the art of mind-reading. With their $1,000,000 notary-testified claim that they do not use any pre-arrangements, secret assistants or secret electronics in their paranormal mind reading shows, Anca & Lucca mesmerize and enchant the public with their elegantly crafted shows around the themes of wonder, love, seemingly impossible calculations and refined humour.

The participants are always randomly chosen from the audience and they experience themselves wonders on stage, while the duo seems to read their mind, their past, and spontaneously reveal their personalities. From a perfect 10-minute mind reading act to spice up your event (as performed by the two on the opening night at the 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos), to a corporate mind reading show up to 70-90-minutes (as performed by Anca & Lucca for the 100 Years Hilton anniversary in 2019 in Kuwait City) or even the full evening 2-hour theatre-show “The Mind-Reading Revolution“, Anca & Lucca bring their elegance to upscale events in Europe, the USA, Middle East and Asia.

Their paranormal mind reading is adaptable to various locations and audience-arrangements, and they can include branding or incorporate your key messages at your event. These minder readers perform in English, German, French and Romanian (and with 2-weeks’ notice they can adapt their award-winning 10-minute act to your language). They have experience in performing for international banks, IT companies, pharma firms, festivals, awards galas, exclusive events and parties, from small audiences of 20 guests up to large audiences of 3,000 spectators globally.

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FISM European and Vice-World Champions of Mental Magic

Unforgettable on-stage experiences for all participants

International experience and knowledge about different cultural requirements

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Here’s what Mind Readers Anca and Lucca’s clients said:

“Your show was absolutely remarkable and extraordinary; the guests were mesmerized and amazed.”
– Hilton Kuwait, 100 Years of Hilton

“This was absolutely perfect. It was something that has never been made like this in Monte Carlo … at the same time so sincere, so simple and so amazing!”
– Executive Director General of the Monaco Economic Board

“As a theatre owner, I want to book a show that is really well received. The show of Anca & Lucca left no wishes in this respect: grandiose illusions, creative ideas, and an incredibly charming dealing with the public. My guests thanked them with beaming faces and standing ovations.”
– Close Theater Zurich

“It was definitely the rights choice. It set the tone. People were on their seats and very impressed.”
– Anantara Siam Hotel Bangkok

“So classy, so elegant. A wonderful, wonderful act!”
– Penn & Teller, Las Vegas


Mind Readers Anca and Lucca’s previous clients:

Sberbank (World Economic Forum)
Monaco Tourism Office
Raiffeisen Bank
Park Hyatt
Erste Bank
Close Theater Zurich
Minor Group

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