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Animal Psychic & Animal Communicator

Susie Shiner is a modern day Dr Doolittle. She communicates to animals, asks them questions and can hear their answers. Now, in this first-of-its-kind show, Susie Shiner works live and on stage meeting six unknown animals and their human guardians – and communicating with the animals to discover their innermost thoughts, secrets and insights.

Animal Communicator
Animals communicate astonishing information – about themselves and their owners. With Susie Shiner as their voice, and communicating via thought, images, sensations and emotions, they give intimate, complex and detailed information about own their lives, their loves and their knowledge of their guardians.

The animals communicate facts – describing their homes, the pictures on the wall, the irritating rug by the bed that they catch their claws in – and they spill the beans, telling tales on carers who secretly smoke in the car, have raucous parties that keep them awake or who need to sharpen up their act with their housework skills.

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Susie can talk to any animal and gain astounding information about animals’ astonishing insights, opinions and awareness

As a fully-fledged human medium, Susie works regularly on stage around the country

Susie has appeared on TV, Radio and in the national press creating a veritable media storm

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Here’s what Susie Shiner – Animal Communicator’s clients said:

Every detail.. spot on… startled..
Daily Mail

Really excited..
Daily Express 

It’s definitely convinced me that we can talk to dogs.. It’s just mind-blowing..
Heart FM

BBC Radio WM

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