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Open the Cabinet to enter a world of Curious Cocktail wonder…the Gastronomy Guys do drinks differently. The Cabinet of Curiosity Cocktails are immersive and intriguing drinks which will surprise and entertain your guests.

Travelling Trunk
The ‘Build Your Own’ Traveling Trunk gets guests up mixing their own potions and working together to perfect their own signature cocktail. At your table, during a reception or as part of the main bar, get your guests involved.

Instructed by our alchemist actors, guests are provided with a variety of specimens (powders, bottles, tinctures, atomisers, foams) from which they mix their own perfect poison.

Check out the sample menu here

Nitro Trap
Forget the shakers and strainers, our Nitro Tap is an Instant Cocktail Station. Served with hand cut ice from a block, or with custom garnishes, the whole cocktail menu could be On Tap!

Our compact whisky barrel tap is quick and easy to pop up with limited space required, free flowing fast paced cocktails and a great visual impact. Great as stand alone drink engagement for brands or as a reception cocktail with style.

Check out the sample menu here

Curious Creations
More than just cocktails, get your guests curious with our seasonal tipples that experiment with alternative flavours and mad garnishes and invade your senses and leaving you asking for more.

Our Curious Creations offer everything from delicious cocktails through to bespoke bars and engaging staff.

Check out the sample menu here

Cabinet of Curiosity Cocktails – Drink Entertainment : Book for your event

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Guests have the option to mix their own drinks while working together to create their own signature cocktail

The nitro trap gets an instant drink made in front of your eyes, changing the bar service for the better

Experiment with alternative flavours and invade your senses, leaving you asking for more

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Book Cabinet of Curiosity Cocktails – Drink Entertainment

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