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Edible Bubble Machine

Straight out of the World of Willy Wonka, this wondrous machine creates a cascading volcano of edible bubbles for you to bite right out of the air.

Any flavour bubbles, from milk chocolate to strawberries and cream, can be eaten straight out of the air. These delicious bubbles explode with flavour as they burst in your mouth. Oh, and did we mention they can also be alcoholic? Pina colada bubbles anyone?

The edible bubble volcano is crazy amounts of fun and can be set up at your event in under an hour. All we need to operate is power and a room full of awesome bubble-hungry people.

A selection of bubble flavours:

Banoffee Pie
Rhubarb & Custard
Milk Chocolate
Mint Choc Chip
Strawberries & Cream


Beer Bubbles
Strawberry Daiquiri
12 Year Single Malt
Crisp Apple Cider
Pina Colada

Bespoke flavours are available upon request.

Bubble Volcano Edible Bubble Machine: Videos | Book for your event

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Delicious bubbles explode with flavour

Bespoke flavours available upon request

Quick & easy to set up

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Video of Bubble Volcano – Edible Bubble Machine

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