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Slushie Cocktail Vans offer a full mobile bar service, supplying their unique Ice Van, bar counters, staff and of course their wonderful cocktails.

Slushie Cocktails are fully equipped to cater for any sized event anywhere in the UK. Not only do they have their famous Slushie Cocktail Van and slushie machines, but can offer a full traditional bar service as well.

Last year they introduced the Slushie Ice Van to cater for outdoor events, or in any venue which they can drive into, such as marquees. Based on a traditional ice cream van, it is decked out to offer full bar services and can travel anywhere in the UK with no set up required. They can begin dispensing their wonderful fresh cocktails just minutes after arrival!

Not only does the Slushie Cocktail Van have the famous slushie dispensers, it comes with everything needed to supply a full bar service. It contains a built in refrigeration for all cold drinks, all the accessories required to make the cocktails really stand out, plus a full sound system ready to liven up your party from the moment they arrive!

In addition they can supply a bespoke bar customised with your brand or message to make your event really stand out, perfect for product launches and corporate parties!

Slushie Cocktail Van : Book for your event

Fully equipped to cater for any sized event

Can offer a full traditional bar service as well

Able to travel anywhere in the UK with no set up required

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Book Slushie Cocktail Van

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