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Troll – Walkabout Character | UK

Measuring in at a colossal 9 ft tall and 7 ft wide, clad in specially commissioned armor, featuring the very latest in skin replication techniques and fully armed to the teeth. Troll is one bad-ass monster.

Troll uses the latest animatronics and features a remote control moving head, eyes and eyebrows to give expressions, random blinking and a moving mouth that is synched up to the performers’ headset microphone to give the troll a big booming voice.

This is the most realistic and impressive interactive fantasy character walkabout on the circuit today! A scary addition to any party, perfect for fantasy, Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter or Halloween themed events!

Standard Length of Performance: 3 x 20 minute sets.


"The troll was fantastic, people went out of their minds when he was stomping about through the crowds. Perfect for the event, so thanks a lot..."
Gloucester Quays LLP (via Contraband)

Photos of Troll