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Interactive Mapping Wall & Shadow Box Installation

The Digital Box is a striking interactive digital installation that presents audience with their reflected silhouette as a vivid digital effect. The silhouette-effect emanates beautifully from the audience’s body and is responsive to their movement, allowing them to play and interact with their own reflection. So if you are looking for something totally unique for your event, then look no further than this Digital Box! It’s perfect for both Corporate Events and Private parties.

This installation also allows for pop up shadow dance shows, in which talented performers dances on the opposing side of the digital surface to create beautiful shapes using their body and the visual effects. Existing effects for the installation are fire, ice, water, particles, smoke and geometric shapes. Bespoke effects can be developed on request.

The Digital Box team creates interactive digital installation experiences that engage audiences in movement and play. Presenting audiences with digitally enhanced motion-sensitive images of themselves, inviting spectators to set aside inhibitions and freely interact with vibrant visual effects.

Standard Length Of Performance:

Front projection can be run for 5h.
Shadow pop up performances: 3x25min passes.
The performance time can be extended if required.

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Interact with your Shadow

Vivid Digital effect

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Here’s what Digital Box – Interactive Mapping Wall & Shadow Box Installation’s clients said:

“The team, with Maria at the Helm, have been a godsend when it comes to being outstanding with the events I have produced. Not only are they second to none on and off stage but their passion for their amazing and unique acts is something I am in awe of. They have impressed my clients across the globe from MTV in Moscow to the glitterati of Home House members club in London. I yearn to used them again and again and I always look forward to their new twists to their magical theatrical spectacles. I highly recommended their services and You and your guests will be left awes struck.”

Beau Productions

“The most fun I have had since being born!”

Jon Snow, Channel 4 News Reporter

“Having worked with Maria and Nestor from the studio for several years including hosting their performances at Kinetica Art Fair, I am hugely impressed by their energy, enthusiasm and technical skill. They are experts at creative innovation and experimentation, and their performances are dynamic and powerful, delivering awe-inspiring audience experiences.”

Kinetica Museum

“Your installation was the highlight of the exhibition”

Tate Liverpool


Digital Box – Interactive Mapping Wall & Shadow Box Installation’s Previous Clients:

Tate Museum
Barbican Centre
Golin Agency
St John’s hospital
Glastonbury festival
Boomtown festival
Kinetica Museum

Videos of Digital Box – Interactive Mapping Wall & Shadow Box Installation

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