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Aliens – Walkabout Creatures | UK

These ‘Alien’ inspired Aliens are terrifyingly realistic! They make fantastic statues on the door of your event, or on a stage. Also available as a mix and mingle act. If space allows, fill a darkened room with smoke and a couple of strobe lights before leading guests through. They are also available with a marine commando chaperone.

The different options available are as follows:

Digi-Giger Aliens
These aliens use unique Stilts created in our warehouse “Digilegs” which create a reverse leg affect to make these Giger Aliens be a taller and bigger match for Predator.

Giger Aliens
Straight out of the movies these Aliens are ready to take on the planet to enhance your event, free roaming and on foot, these characters are ready to conquer the ground they walk on.

Standard Length of Performance:

Digi-Giger Aliens – 3 x 15 minute sets in a four hour period
Giger Aliens – 3x 30 minute sets in a four hour period.

Photos of Aliens