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Nitrogen Desserts

Gastronomy Guys / Boiler Boys like to look at things a little differently – there’s no conventional, beige and bland F&B here.

Choosing from their treasure trove of signature menus and designs or concocting a completely custom event experience, you won’t find an offering that will tickle your taste buds quite like theirs…unique food, entertainment and interactions.

Banterous Gastronomy Guys / Boiler Boys will invigorate guests with mad theories, stories and notions. Serving peculiar and curious treats from our Nitro Rigs.

The Liquid Nitro + Molecular Dessert Rig

Creating a visual impact like a snowball in the face, the Full Shebang Rig combines fantastical design and delicious Nitro treats that bring that WOW! factor every time.

The Full Nitro Dessert Rig offers more than just the usual liquid nitrogen ice cream but brings a mix of entertainment and intrigue through a selection of weird and wacky sweet treats.

Included in the package, each guest will be wowed by our trade mark treats including:

Dragons Breath Meringues
Bite sized, crunchy meringues, poached in liquid nitrogen at -196C creating giggle inducing vapour filled moments!

Burst in Your Mouth Bubbles
Delicious fruit flavour spheres of liquid that burst in your mouth creating initial surprise followed by tasty bliss. Boozy bubbles available!

Instant Ice Cream
Flash frozen in front of your eyes in a smoke filled flurry of fabulousness. The end result; the smoothest ice cream you’ll ever taste in out of this world flavours and all in the matter of minutes!

Nitro Sorbet
From refreshing sorbets to cocktail slushies, using liquid nitrogen and beautiful Kitchen Aids we’ll turn anything you ask for into a crazy, smoking , deliciousness of frozen delight.

Not fixed by parameters they can customise their design and set up to meet your event size, location and theming requirements.

Choose from one of their House Rig Designs; Steam Punk, Contemporary, Mad Science or Gardener’s World. Can also create a fully customised Rig with branding options too.

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Fully customisable to fit perfectly into your event whether a winter wonderland theme or an on stand expo activation

More than just desserts, this is a showpiece entertainment to wow your guests

Invigorate guests with mad theories, stories and notions, serving peculiar and curious treats

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Here’s what The Boiler Boys’s clients said:

THANK YOU!!!! The guys were amazing!!!!!!
Create Food and Party Design (via Contraband)

They were all fantastic and really nice people. We will definitely be looking to book both again…Thank you for all of your assistance with the event.
WRP Ltd (via Contraband)


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