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Zim Zimmer – Comedy Acrobatic Duo | UK

Zim Zimmer

Zim Zimmer is a humorous sketch about old aged pensioners. The story so far is that they have escaped from the home they have been sent to by their families. They explore the world outside enjoying their freedom like naughty children playing truant from school. This might involve going shopping, playing on the escalators, having a picnic, getting on the bus, sitting on a bench observing the local youth, and so on. They express their child like excitment by climbing on their walking frames and occasionally showing off with some acrobatic moves. They can also bring a ghetto blaster and have an impromptu tea dance that involves tea and dancing!

Standard Length of Performance: 3 x 30-45 minutes sets.


“You were all very good and impressed the crowd. The event went very well and you all played a part in that success.”
– Eventive

Previous Clients Include:

Bristol International Airport
Sky TV
Bacardi India
MacArthur Glen Shopping Centres
Alton Towers Northern Leisure
Queens College
Rank Leisure
Richard Branson
First Leisure
Golden Nuggets
UK St Johns College
The Egg
Kiss FM Radio
Tommy Hilfiger
Virgin Trains
London Zoo
Wadham College
Mean Fiddler
Walt Disney Corporation
Nortel Whitbread Hotels

Photos of Zim Zimmer

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