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No human can resist the mysterious song and call of the mermaid. Introducing Ambre, the gorgeous realistic underwater mermaid. Half woman, half goddess, mythical character, timeless and universal, she charms and appeals since the dawn of time. Today, this bewitchment can be yours thanks to a unique concept of creativity and originality. Ambre as The Mermaid Swimming Performer always makes a splash at private parties and corporate events and is a perfect addition to your corporate entertainment !

This professional dancer glides in her stunning mermaid suit, created in luminous shade and encrusted with Swarovski diamonds, custom made by a special effects professional. Presented in the form of a show which can be in several themes, The Mermaid adapts herself to any location or event such as nightclubs with a pool or aquarium, pool party, beach party, water park, hotels and luxury complex, private or commercial events and festivals.

Standard Length of Performance:
Ambre usually performs 3 x 30 minute sets.

Mermaid Swimming Performer : Book for your event

A gorgeous realistic underwater mermaid

Half woman, half goddess

A unique concept of creativity and originality

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