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Discover the futuristic and high-tech world of The Laser Man, a world renowned act, where a science fiction character manipulates laser beams and shapes as if they were solid. Enter the creative dimension of personalized shows 3D Laser Man mapping video, reveal logo and Launch! High quality performances for corporate and special events, corporate event, product launches, night clubs, festivals, cabarets… an unforgettable impact for your event!

3D Laser Man: A Communicative Laser Show!
Plunged into darkness, the audience discovers an artist who brings them into the world of high technology, future, creativity and dream, a perfect mix for high quality events! The latest version of 3D Laser Man includes your logo, publicity or message revealed during the finale of the act, you will be amazed! Set Time: 7 minutes.

Launch: Wow!
This brand new laser act is a complementary show for either of the Laser Man shows. An act where lasers leave the performers hand, and bounce above the audience followed by logo, texts and messages. A great impact for a 100% customized show! Set times: It’s a complementary show to the 2D, it adds between 1 min 30 to 2 min taking show to 6.30 to 7mins

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World renowned act

High quality performances

An unforgettable impact for your event

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Here’s what Laser Show – The Laser Man’s clients said:

”His ‘Laserman’ performance has dazzled industry veterans with an act that combined magic, mime and science-fiction, winning him a coveted first place ILDA Artistic Award.”
– Lighting and Sound America

”ILDA members and invited guests, forming an audience of about 100, were given a special treat during the awards ceremony when Paris-based magician Laserman performed his award-winning “Laserman” show. His unique act combines science fiction with sleight-of-hand, and features an alien-looking magician who uses his bare hands to manipulate laser beams with the speed and deceit of a card shark. The crowd of seasoned laser professionals—no easy group to please gave him a standing ovation.”
– Laserist Magazine

“I want to thank you and your team for an amazing and outstanding show… the two people were wonderful, and the crowd loved it… and I could only hear ‘WOW’ from the audience and big thanks from the client. Thanks again and hoping to work with you again very soon.”
– Private Client

“The greatest new act in the world of lasers to be seen for more than 10 years!”
– Laser System Middle East

“An act with a rare quality indeed!”
– Nighclub LE ZORN

“A superb idea!”
– Producer of the Mandrakes d’Or

“Never seen before, the sweeping laser effects, a room transported into the future by these mysterious beams … marvellous!”
– Plick

“A truly spectacular and original act!”
– Arcane Magazine


Laser Show – The Laser Man’s Previous Clients:

Kraft Foods
French Presidency
Air France
Ministry of Sound
Indian Premier League Cricket Opening ceremony
Monte-Carlo Magic Stars – Silver Wand and the SBM Prize
Mitsubishi Triton
Star Wars
The Sunday Times

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