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Walkabout Characters: Enchanted – France

This walkabout show is mainly suited for outdoor events. These corporate entertainers parade through streets attracting attention with their stunning costumes. Their mobile structures are hand-made and bring the fairy-tale to life.

Enchanted are winged beings living under the flowers, in our gardens. Bubbly and joyful they love eating apples and are traveling around the world, looking for a welcoming shelter. Guided by their alchemist, who reads the stars and the apples’ pips, they happily stroll the streets, astonished and curious about the human world.

Acts Available:

The characters:

– The Alchemist, an actor leading the coach and firing small pyrotechnics.
– The Duchesses, 2 dancers driving the yurts.
– The Scouts, 2 stilt dancers carrying the stilt-lights.
– The Rascals, 4 stilt dancers driving the yurts.
– 1 aerial acrobat for the final aerial silk act.


– The Yurt, a luminous mobile structure with parabolic wings.
– The Coach, a luminous sounding structure – bubbles and smoke machine.
– The Cauldron, a luminous structure made of fire, smoke and pyrotechnics.
– The Frame, 9 mt. height structure, fixed, used on the final show.

This show includes 11 performers (+1 for the final aerial show), 1 costume supervisor and 1 stage manager. There is an option to have a smaller show if required.

Standard Length of Performance:

The walkabout parade is 1 hour, with an optional aerial show as the finale which lasts for 20 minutes. This can also be split into 2 x 45 minute sets.

Photos of Enchanted