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Welcome! Welcome indeed, to Fanshaw’s Fantastical Emporium… of the Impossible! The Fanshaw’s is a static or walkabout theatrical ‘happening’ that presents a pair of Victorian-esque and rogue-ish chaps who will thrill guests at your corporate events with conjuring of the finest and funniest order.

Their service is one of grand entertainment in many and various places and spaces of many and various sizes. Be your requirement within doors, or perhaps in the open air, they are at your service.

They bring you the Empire’s finest prestidigitators and masters of magical marvels – keep your children close and your purses closer, as these captains of conjuring demonstrate how a fool and his money can quickly become parted.

For yuletide fayres, festivals and festivities of all variety throughout the year, they bring you the inimitable Archibald Grottlington Esq., and Herbert Skittle, also Esq. These gentlemen of the arts have been plucked from the very heights of magnificence by the most venerable Mr Fanshaw himself, and are warranted to please their patrons with gloriously ponderous prestidigitatory predicaments.

These characters present short shows to gathered audiences in a set location or among the crowds. Close up table magic may also be available depending upon the event.

Static Fanshaw’s

An approximately 8 feet (2.4m) wide and 7 feet (2.1m) high curtained period staging (pictured) provides the backdrop for Fanshaw’s rolling fifteen minute magic shows. Archie and Bert work together, each taking it in turn to stand behind their raised conjuring platform to involve the gathered audience in incredible feats of sleight of hand and swindling chicanery.

As the dubious duo weave their Cockney bunkum, laughs come thick and fast as the audience quickly realise this is more than just a couple of proficient magicians dressing up, this is a proper little theatrical show.

Usual performance bookings allow 6 x 15 minute repeating shows within a two hour period. This is essentially the same 15 minute show repeated, but, where audience numbers are less, Fanshaw’s is able to offer two different themed 15 minute shows (alternating).

Walkabout Fanshaw’s

As well as, or instead of, static Fanshaw’s, Archie and Bert are more than happy to stroll about at a venue or event. Depending on the size of the event, Archie and Bert can work as individuals doing close-up magic at dinner tables, or – if the environment is suitable – they can work as a strolling double act; setting up ‘showettes’ wherever they draw a crowd. Traditionally called ‘Door Shows’, these impromptu little shows really do capture the essence of the Victorian strolling street entertainer.

Mix and Match

It might be that your event would suit a mix of walkabout and static entertainment, and this is where comical character entertainment can really come into its own. Whilst initially walking about or working at tables, Archie and Bert are able to advertise their upcoming static show in another part of the venue.

This ‘pre-advertising’ can create a great sense of anticipation and can generate a wonderful focal point to an evening or event. Having worked virtually every type of event and audience imaginable, Jasper and Frank are very adept at making any event come alive.

Standard Length of Performance:

Variable and according to circumstances at each event, although guideline options are:

4 x 30 minute shows in a 4 hour period.
3 x 45 minute shows in a 4 hour period.
6 x 15 minute shows in a 2 hour period.

Technical Specification:

We are a predominantly self-contained act so third party requirements are minimal, often none. Our strolling street shows are contained within a trunk upon a trolley.

Suitable area(s) for crowds to gather with performance space/stage area flat enough to accommodate a level table.
If indoors and full ‘set’ is booked, an area of 10ftx10ft will be required to set up and perform. Mains power may be required for PA equipment depending on venue and audience numbers.

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Here’s what The Fanshaws’s clients said:

Thank you so much, you made the day and so many people are talking about you still!
Llantwit Major Victorian Fayre 2013

You were outstanding!
Toni & Guy

Very professional, very funny, very magic!
SWSbiz Wales

Simply incredible
Matthew Pincent

That’s just not possible

You’re one of the best I’ve ever seen
Colin Jackson

Laughs…danger…great entertainment…excellent

Wonderful miracles… powerful…brilliant…awesome…genius

Three Weeks Magazine

I’m speechless!
Simon Cowell

Oh my god!, that was brilliant!
ITV1 Wales Tonight

Truly Fantastic
BBC2W Your Wales Today


The Fanshaws’s Previous Clients:

Toni & Guy
British Standards Institute
South African Tourist Board
Job Centre Plus
Western Power
BBC Welsh Proms
Chepstow Racecourse
Cheltenham Racecourse
Oxford Boat Race Dinner
Cardiff County Council
Welsh Fast Track 50 Awards Dinner
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