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Betty – Strong Lady Show | Street Theatre | UK

Born with the strength of her father and the grace of her mother, Betty is known around the world as the strongest lady alive!

Audiences will be amazed as grown men are lifted into the air as if they were feathers. They delight as she tears thick books, bends solid metal and breaks things – even opening jam jars with ease. Then, for the finale amid a flurry of excitement Betty performs “The Human Carousel” offering 2 grown men the chance to be gently spun in the air by one delicate lady.

This elegantly presented array of genuine feats of feminine strength leaves audiences shrieking, laughing and in awe, with aching smile muscles to go home with.

Betty will require:
A stage (or street theatre space suitable for drawing a crowd)
Quality Sound System: min 2 inputs for iPod & Mic
Headset Microphone (can provide own if desired)
Sound Operator (negotiable for Street Theatre)
Adequate lighting if required
2 chairs to be used in performance

Betty’s act is not suitable for walkabout.

Photos of Betty