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Anne – Foot Reader & Reflexologist | UK

Anne reads our emotions, personality, whats happening, and whats happened, in our lives just by looking at our feet! To her all those corns, callouses and twisted toes reveal so much about our character, past and present. Anne can tell you so much, whether its a quick glance or a more detailed reading. From your bunions to the colour of your nail varnish, length of toes to height of arches, foot reader and reflexologist, Anne will amaze you!

What do your feet say about you? Curious? Well, Anne will amaze you by reading your personality, emotions and whats going on in your life purely by looking at your feet! Thus every corn, calluses and twisted toe reveals a story about you. You will never look at your feet in the same way again – or anyone elses! Feet reading is great fun, a unique party piece and astonishingly accurate. You will be swept off your feet by what your pair are saying to the world!

Anne is also a reflexologist, so feet reading can help her to read the emotion that is causing the physical appearance on the feet, and by working on that emotion can help clients to move forward and take their next steps. Anne has had coverage in the national press and has read feet live on BBC Surrey.

Technical Specification:

Anne usually takes her reflexology chair. However, if travelling long distances the client should usually supply a chair and foot stall. Cushions are also needed for sitting on the floor. An area of 6ft x 8ft will be needed, and a lamp or bright light source if detailed reading is required. At large events a dedicated area with rope and pole is preferable but not absolutely necessary.

Standard Length of Performance:

The minimum booking time is 2 hours but Anne can perform readings for longer than this is required. Anne usually works in a dedicated area, but can also mingle with guests. A very quick reading is 10 minutes with a more detailed reading taking 20 minutes.


”Thanks for the wonderful feet reading you gave me. You got me spot on!”
- Grazia Magazine

”Anne pretty much nailed my personality.”
- Daily Express

Im astounded that she can tell so much about me by just studying my feet.”
- Metro

”I recommend Annes sessions as she truly is a warming person who has a real talent in feet reading.”

Previous Clients Include:

Grazia Magazine
Holistic and Mystic Events
Roehampton University
Daily Express
Margaret Dabbs Spa
Wellbeing Fayres
Farnham Podiatry
Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice

Photos of Anne