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The colorful and attractive cabinet graphics of Star Blitz will entice your guests to “strike a pose” with every visit and that’s just the start of the fun! With 3 different “pose modes” and countless ways to edit, customize and accessorise their pictures, your players will enjoy an almost limitless number of ways to create memories!

Using the 17″ LCD touch screen and the custom stylus, players can add frames, hilarious graffiti, and their own hand written message creating a truly one-of-a-kind photo entertainment experience! When they’re done, they can instantly download their picture to their mobile phone or PDA via the built-in Bluetooth transmitter!

Technical Specification:
Width: 60cm
Depth: 130cm
Height: 220cm
Power: 500
Min. Door Width: 60cm

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Limitless number of ways to create memories

One-of-a-kind photo entertainment

Colourful and attractive cabinet graphics

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