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Band – USA

Whether telling the tale of parents separating in “Love is a Carnival Goldfish” or the ups and downs of a relationship as detailed in “Hope is Still on the Prowl,” every song for the pop rock group Kingsfoil is a story.

The group, hailing from York, PA, is thoroughly melody driven with each song encompassing a catchy hook and tune that once heard, pops up randomly in one’s head. Its songs draw from the members’ personal experiences, giving every song an intimate, closed-door feeling. That “real” aspect of their song writing is what allows them to tackle oft-visited subject matters, such as relationships and heartbreak, in a way that comes across as genuine and relatable.

Connecting with people through music and performing is what Kingsoil was meant to do, Davis feels. “There’s really nothing else, in my own opinion,” he says. “This is what I was meant to do. I have that feeling in me, there’s no doubt.”

Available to perform; USA, International.

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