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Mick Fleetwood – Famous Musician | UK

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“Mick” Fleetwood is a co-founder and an eternal drummer of the legendary rock band Fleetwood Mac that emerged in 1967.

As the band’s name suggests, Mick was an important part of the band. Moreover, he was the liaison that held all its members together. The band, which was primarily comprised of four friends, has gone through a lot of uproar, constantly changing its line-up. The only member that has overcome all the problems and remained a part of Fleetwood Mac is Mick Fleetwood.

Apart from a different team, as time passed, the group has also changed its style. Starting with blues in 1967 and finishing with rock nowadays, Fleetwood Mac has been rocking the US and Europe for almost four decades. However, the unchanged element that remained was, again, Mick Fleetwood and his style. He obviously had to make some changes. Though, being a self-taught drummer, he developed his own, distinguishable way of playing and even setting the drums. Mick Fleetwood has drummed for his bandmates’ solos and several of his own projects. Mick now has five albums separate from Fleetwood Mac albums, soaked in his unique drumming style.

Mick has tried his hand at acting too. Usually not taking up the role of a protagonist, he has appeared in “The Running Man” (1987), “Zero Tolerance” (1995), “Snide and Prejudice” (1997), “Mr. Music” (1997), “Burning Down the House” (1991,) and “Get a Job” (2011).

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