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Our Artist Spotlight blogs are a weekly feature where we focus on one of our performers...

With the announcement of Oscar nominations this week, awards season is in full swing. Seamstres...

In a post-truth age when 2+2 increasingly equals 5, reality can be difficult to distinguish fro...

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Calligraphy Artists

Julien has been working on his calligraphy act for 10 years. He developed different performances

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Chinese graphs have been around for centuries, with some of the earliest dating back to 200 BC.

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The art of Japanese calligraphy or Shodo is a traditional part of Japanese culture. For the past

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The beauty and simplicity of Japanese calligraphy is a true eye-catcher. Megumi is a

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Paul can provide you with exceptional bespoke calligraphy and fine printed stationery. He uses

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There is no present more heart-warming than a handmade one. A unique and original present is more special. It will always be cherished more than mass produced presents. That’s why our calligraphers are the best choice for your calligraphy entertainment ideas if you want to be left with a stunning reminder. Our calligraphy artists or lettering artist can create and design place names, handcrafted bookmarks, invitations and enveloping addressing. They are perfect for any calligraphy event or occasion and provide great corporate entertainment! A calligrapher is great for an Oriental themed party. If you are having a party such as this, please take a look at our Oriental themed packageOrigami is also good for these type of events. Have a look at the selection of fantastic origami artists we have on our website. We also have impressive Japanese art for Oriental themed parties. Contraband provides modern and traditional calligraphy artists from London, Sussex and Essex. These handwriting experts can create custom designs to meet the needs of any client.