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Booking agency for Strictly Come Dancing Stars

As a booking agent for Strictly Come Dancing Stars we have the best Strictly Come Dancing to book – check out our roster which includes Ben & Olga and Brendan Cole… find out more about booking a Strictly Come Dancing Star

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Imagine booking Strictly Come Dancing Brendan Cole to perform at your event!

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As a top booking agency for Strictly Come Dancing stars we have some of the best dancers in the business on hand to hire for your special event or as corporate entertainment, whether it’s a celebrity contestant showing off their brilliant new dancing skills or a professional dancer who can bring some glamour and grace to your event and light up the dancefloor. These talented twirlers can spin your guests into a frenzy with their impressive talents and ensure your event is unforgettable.

Exciting Strictly Come Dancing Stars on our Books
We have a fantastic selection of stars from Strictly Come Dancing on our roster, with celebrity contestants who put their athleticism and elegance to the test and the experts who taught them, you can have your pick of excellent dancers who will make your event a hit. Some of the captivating performers available to book through Contraband include:

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