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There are many different types of Christmas parties depending on who you are spending time with. Are you just getting together with a couple of friends or are you having a sit down dinner with your work colleagues? Either way you are going to need a couple of Christmas party entertainment ideas to stop your celebrations from falling into the old clichés.

First you must consider the following:

Music: Are you just going to play your own music or do you want a live band/singer?

Food/Drink: Are you having a full course dinner or do you need to hire a bartender?

Entertainer : Have you got a stage to fill or want someone to mingle with your guests?

Photos: How are your guests going to remember the event, are they going to take away their own photos?
Something that might influence your choice of entertaiment might be a theme. Are you going for a traditional Christmas  feel or do you want your guests to be transported to 1950’s America? It’s important to keep your theme in mind when planning your Christmas party. You should also keep your event’s location in mind before you go and book a full classical orchestra for your local pub.
Here are a couple of ideas for themes/ locations and acts that could go with them:

Winter Wonderland Ballroom: A traditional pianist in one corner of the room playing traditional Christmas songs while a couple perform a stunning ballet routine whilst encased in a snow globe. Meanwhile your guests are served their desert by 1950s inspired usherettes before leaving the party with a Christmas inspired green-screened photo.

Office Christmas Party: Why not turn the bar into its own form of entertainment with some bartenders with flair or hire some Christmas walkaround acts to talk to your fellow colleagues and to keep things in the Christmas spirit.

Whatever your plans for this Christmas season, you are bound to find the right entertainment for you, whatever your theme, whatever your location.