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The Jewelled Moon elevate entertainment to the realm of fine art.

The Jewelled Moon’s intriguing immersive productions draw guests into a world of imagination and fantasy. They have designed artistic events for private members’ clubs, brands, restaurants, corporate and private clients on an international basis. Acts and choreography combine cultural relevance with sensational couture and jewellery, bespoke artwork, invitations and live music, generating compelling and beautiful treatments for events featuring some of Europe’s leading stars.

Productions and acts include:
– The Muses of Ourania: A mythical masquerade ballet set in an enchanted, celestial castle
– The Starlight Fantasia: A humorous and magical classical fairytale set in a Parisienne Theatre
– The Fairy Emporium: a fairytale set in a forest
– A Bridge to the Past: a journey through romanticism, baroque, the Renaissance, Orient Classicalism
– Joie de Vivre: An enchanting experience combining Christmas tradition with artistic interpretation

The Muses of Ourania
A mythical masquerade ballet set in an enchanted, celestial castle takes place which questions the human relationship to nature and the environment. Guests are met by the muses. They remove their shoes, their hands are washed and they are given a tincture to drink, and lead to be seated for a Japanese Tea Ceremony. From the table, they watched the production unfold. They are on a journey to Ourania. In the enchanted gardens, filled with sculptures, nature is alive. A feline snake dryad falls from the air, is it a bird? Is it a cat? Is it a woman?

Oriental Tribal Dancers first appear to be slender silver trees, moving under the breath of the wind. Eventually the journey leads to the gates of the castle, where the audience is met by a golden Siren. Will she let you pass? Inside the castle, Ourania is hosting a banquet, and mythic creatures are visiting to join her. They bring gifts, speak of their travels. All of the constellations are here, time is still and beautiful, and they shine in illumination. Anyone could travel through the stars, through time. Even Victory is here, with a golden chariot, wreathed in flowers. The Peacock Angel performs a dance of 1000 eyes. One of the cherubims begins to weep as a feather falls from his wings, and the frivolities cease. He takes a feather in his hand and draws a circle in air, and the an image of Earth from a distance appears. Another cherubim spins. Earth from within a globe, and more of the beautiful, plump cherubs join them. They are sad, because 15 billion birds have been trapped behind cages on earth, and illuminate a gold cage, pushed the the brim with frightened creatures.

From here, the Elven Prince, appears to take the guise of a winged spirit, joined by Venus Lakshmi in her pale feathers. The plight of the caged birds become their plight, communicated through ballet, within choreography which moves from flight to imprisonment, and their ethereal movements become a voice, an echo, which Ourania answers. As an organ resounds in a dramatic eturgy, Ourania opens the cage, and Venus Lakshmi soars into the air, free. The muses flock to the stage within their silvery, enchanting robes, the air is twinkling, and they set roses within the hair of the guests, and the guests of the banquet. Red Lady Faith appears in a hoop, and a guitarist draws classical music from the strings of the guitar. The characters move from the banquet to dance. A whisk shivers across drums, and a Latin beat. The dancers partner in the ballroom for a spectacular finale.

The Starlight Fantasia
A humorous and magical classical fairytale set in a Parisienne Theatre during the 18th century, featuring ballerinas, magicians, actors and incredible costumes. A troubled artist, Raphael Alphonso de Asturias, escapes his violent Spanish aristocratic family and secures a residency at The Starlight Fantasia. He discovers an unusual ability to paint his own creations into reality, as he studies the creatures of ‘The Starlight Fantasia’ a Parisienne Theatre set in 1781. Guests become actors, and artistic subjects are sketched within an immersive production.

In a blaze of fantasy and audacity, simultaneously, a Hindu princess in Andromeda strings pearls like diadems in the sky, each a reflection of each other, encircling the philosophy of Leibniz, Spinoza and the theory of the monads, as ethereal, celestial spirits rise from the riverbanks, and are woven into the very fabrics of moonbeams, the statues which hold the city safe. His paintings live. A fairy queen, who happens to be the daughter of the The Starlight Fantasia’s patron Lord Montesquiou falls to earth and begins to question her translation of reality.

Meanwhile in the Guild of Paris, an inner circle of government officials are concerned about the extraordinary wake of characters which the artist Raphael appears to attract and plot to extradite the protagonist. The artist’s world falls down around him as he lives in 2 worlds unable to speak to Titania about The Guild’s treatment of him. The canvas beneath him begins to glow and transform the scenery as the beings of The Land of the Jewelled Moons unfold. Contained with a Trompe L’Oiel set, the boundaries between reality and fantasy are lost.

In a symbolic gesture, ‘L’Oiseau D’Or’ – a Golden Bird is released. The artists’ work is lauded as a masterpiece throughout the town and he receives membership of The Guild from the mayor of Paris. Titania falls in love, and her father Lord Montesquiou is impressed by how much money and positive notoriety Raphael has brought to The Starlight Fantasia, and gives her hand away. The lovers live happily ever after.

The Fairy Emporium
This is set to french Romantic composer Camille Saint-Saens Carnaval Des Animaux.
“Artists move through a fairytale forest, dressed in shimmering and delicate dresses, starflowers and jewels, butterflies, glimpses into an enchanted world. The Nightingale opens with a operatic solo, in vivid red satin her mellow voice and melody illuminates living tableaux. An autumn leaf falls, clad in buttercup golden sunshine. A sylph flies in sparkling pale blue, as a dragonfly glides across water, she is as cool and elegant as a statue seen by silver moonlight. The ballerina moves like a shimmering rose petal, seen through a cloak of forest leaves she appears to be part of an impressionist painting, in a timeless emblem of the beauty of nature”
Holly Jade O’Leary – Artistic Director

A Bridge to the Past
“A circle of musical pieces” movements on a journey through the eras… Commencing with modern jazz, Sicilian classical composer Dario Chillemi directs an intriguing and aesthetic experience from romanticism, baroque, the Renaissance, Orient Classicalism, and African Tribal accompanied by interludes from poets, dancers and fine art tableaux recreating scenes from famous paintings..

Joie de Vivre
An enchanting experience combining Christmas tradition with artistic interpretation. Our festive variety opens with a live pianist playing classical, jazz and soul. Stockings are strung throughout the venue, and our sparkling ballerina – The Christmas Fairy fills each of them with gifts. Acts include a opera duet singing Christmas classics, a Winter Wonderland experiential installation featuring Aurora Rose in a sparkling ballgown and a hula hoop act, a magician who will entertain and host the event, bringing Christmas cheer.

Additional options include:
● Storytelling installation The Story of the Fairy Foxes with Wings of the Night Mists, adapted from a Ugandan fairytale, to raise awareness about Fairtrade Gold.
● A spectacular fashion show featuring exquisite evening gowns on leading models
● A DJ set.

The Jewelled Moon’s director holds an award for Best Events Production (2010) from The Earl’s Court Trade show.

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Consists of accomplished actors, musicians, ballet dancers and artists who produce intriguing and beautiful immersive productions

Generate compelling and beautiful treatments for events featuring some of Europe’s leading stars

Their intriguing immersive productions draw guests into a world of imagination and fantasy

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Here’s what The Jewelled Moon Theatre Company’s clients said:

They were beautiful, magical
Ana Seferovic, Events Manager at The Library private members’ club

Thank you so much for this amazing show we’ve just seen, it is so refreshing to see something so innovative in terms of presentation
Baroness Lola Young OBE

The Jewelled Moon were sensational, they suit our vibe so well
Diana Sherling CEO of Lily Flo Jewellery


The Jewelled Moon Theatre Company’s Repertoire:

Duo des fleurs from Léo Delibes opera Lakmé Ave Maria
De Profundis
Le Rossignol aria Camille Saint-Saens
Bon Soir Debussy
Arias from Madame Butterfly, La Traviata, Lakme, La Boheme Classical and Opera music – Debussy, Camille Saint-Saens, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Handel, Puccini, Verdi
Black Swan – The Medium by Menotti
Nel cor piu non mi sento – Giovanni Paisiello
Sebben Crudele – Antonio Caldara
Plasir d’amour – Jean Paul Egide Martini
Du Des Fleurs Lakmé by Léo Delibes
Le Rossignol by Camille Saint-Saens
Bon Soir by Debussy
De Profundis by Verdi
Recitals from Debussy, Camille Saint-Saens, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Handel, Puccini, Verdi


The Jewelled Moon Theatre Company’s Previous Clients:

Sketch 9 Conduit St, W1S 2XG
Umair Sami, CEO of Samsons Group
The Library private members’ club, 112 St Martin’s Lane,
DI Events at Home House, 20 Portman Square, London, W1H 6LW
Viona Art Studio at Schloss Heinrichhorst Castle
Cred Jewellery – Ethical Jeweller of the Year 2018
Lily Flo Jewellery
Liz Earle
Vout-O-Reenees private members’ club for the surrealistically
distinguished, The Crypt, 30 Prescott Street, E1 8BB
The Library – London WC2N 4BD

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