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As interactive football games go, GoalStriker is the elite, having won ‘Best New Product’ at IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) so not only do you benefit from an association with the biggest spectator sport in the world, but you have a state of the art attraction, featuring the world’s most technologically advanced soccer experience. This is the ultimate football entertainment for your corporate event! Pit your penalty kick skills against the computerised goalkeeper and see how well you do. The goalie is accompanied by crowd noises and a commentator to bring the penalty shoot out to life! Infrared technology records the velocity of the ball and the exact position at which it crosses the goal line. If you are looking to hire something other than entertainers to occupy the children at your wedding, this would be a great choice!

Goal Striker is the world’s first fully developed interactive penalty shoot-out experience. Infrared technology records the velocity of the ball and the exact position at which it crosses the goal line. A virtual goalkeeper has the ability to save each penalty and effective stadium graphics, on-screen commentary and crowd noise are incorporated to add pressure and create a real shoot-out experience.

Each player has three or five penalty kicks. Each shot is then electronically analysed and the results are immediately displayed, informing the player and the audience how fast and how accurate they were. The best three shots make up the players’ overall score and these results are printed on to a certificate that shows exactly how they did and where they placed the ball.

Their details are then uploaded to the Leagues section of our website where scores can be compared on a local and global basis. It also has excellent branding opportunities in the stadium graphics located behind the goal.

GoalStriker operates on a global basis across 5 continents from Mexico to Singapore, Toronto to Dubai, all major sites in the UK and Europe, and has recently been on tour with Coca Cola in Norway.
Our worldwide sites include theme parks, shopping malls, soccer centres, football clubs, cinema complexes, holiday villages, indoor fun centres and evens zoos! where operators have recognised the demand for a soccer-related attraction and are already reaping the rewards from a football-loving public with GoalStriker.

Dimensions: 8.2m x 5.35m x 3.2m

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Ultimate football entertainment

Commentary and crowd noise incorporated

A real shoot-out experience

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