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As an entertainment agency, organising corporate events such as the promotion of the new Alfa Romeo is part of our job.

Performance Communications, a Media & PR company, asked Contraband for entertainment ideas to carry out a social experiment to inspire passion on the streets for the launch of the New Giuletta in the UK. Contraband suggested the renowned speed artist Jon to capture the responses of participants on canvas.

Inspired by the New Alfa Giulietta, which represents Alfa Romeo’s latest embodiment of the marque’s passion for creating true drivers’ cars, the general public were asked simple questions: “What passion drives you?” or “If tomorrow you could do something you were passionate about, what would you do?”. Their responses, once written on a big board, were quickly painted in front of them by Jon and then the resulted image was revealed to them. People answered with a wide range of activities such as playing music, singing, dancing… telling Jon that these make them fell alive.

Jon also made a speed painting of the new car from Alfa Romeo: New Guilletta.

“You don’t want to look back and think ‘I didn’t do it’. It doesn’t matter if it’s something that other people consider pedestrian. If you can find the time to pursue your passion, however you do that, then it’s liberation in life.”

So if you need a performer to promote the launch of one of your product but have no party entertainment ideas, let us help you; we are an experienced entertainment agency.

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