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I am currently in a first year of three in a French business school which focuses on marketing, communication, management and languages. I come from France, my city is Nantes. It’s at 2 hours in train from Paris; it’s in the north west of France and it’s very near to Britain. Later, I want to work in the event sector because I think this sectot can create a lot of relationships, for me which is very important. For that, I want to do a Master in Management in a business school.
For the end of my first years in my school I had to have an internship in an English speaking country for two months. I would like to have this work placement in the event sector because I envisage working in this area later. But it isn’t very easy to find an internship in this department and also in London. To find this work placement I looked online to find website and contact details.  I sent just four applications and Contraband gave a positive answer in the same afternoon.
It’s a real opportunity to have found this internship because it’s really difficult to have an internship in London without having any contacts, and to also get the chance to have it in Contraband.

The Contraband team are very friendly. Indeed, as soon as I arrived all the team were very kind to me, they wanted to incorporate me in the team like an employee. In my kind of view, it’s very rare to see a similar atmosphere in a work team. In this office there is a very good understanding between all people. This good harmony in the office contributes to create a good work mood for all people in the office. This also promotes the organisation and the office, all of the employees work at the same desk that can help the mutual assistance and favour good relationships between office’s number.
Contrary, the managing director Archie is very open-minded and approachable.  She has time for each employee and she often asks about how each of her office’s member is doing.

During my internship, I helped all departments of the company. For example, I helped the sales team to make their booking forms for clients. I also helped with the website and departments too.  For all my tasks I feel I have been very helpful to all of the team, and they are very grateful for my work

London is a very good site to have an internship because it’s a big city, during week-end or after work I have a drink of beer in a Pub with an English friend. English people are very hospitable … and London is a very important and influential capital in Europe and around the world.

In my opinion, the best aspect of London was parties. Indeed, London is a city which never sleeps… Every day during the week there is something to do. There are a lot of night clubs with all kind of music and during this time you meet a lot of people. I think my best party in London was for the St  Patrick day in Trafalgar square. It was a very pleasant day, people was just in this place to celebrate the St Patrick day and to spend a good time with friends, just to have fun. I want to come back to London ASAP!