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Want to make sure that you have an event that really will leave your guests talking? Bring in an element of magic or introduce your crowd to the supernatural, by hiring corporate entertainment for your event that really seems to come from another world!

Our fascination with the supernatural and magic can be documented since the Tudors and beyond, and ever since we have been trying to work out how exactly magicians and mystics performs the feats that they do. The Greeks regularly questioned about man’s own ability to shape the world around them and how to control the perceptions of others. During the Renaissance, the question of magic was inseparably linked with the question of human knowledge.

These questions still remain with us today, making mystic, hypnotists and magicians inherently mesmerising.  Depending on the size of your group and the type of corporate event you have in mind, you can hire an entertainer to either put on an entire show for your audience or interact with people on a one on one basis.

Why not book corporate entertainment event which will not only help bring employees together, but might even help them improve their memory skills. Some hypnotist will happily throw in additional memory developing services into their overall act, giving your guests something that they can take away with at the end of the night!
One on one hypnotism can be a great way for your guests to slowly relax in front of each other in a way which can be both humorous and bond building. Somehypnotists can even hold individual Past Life Regression sittings, watch as your fellow employees regress into a mind-set which allows them to approach their past lives! The audience will be left gobsmacked as people start sprouting out facts that seem to come from another world!
Alternatively, you can go the tradition magician route, stunning audiences with tricks and feats that will leave your audience scratching their heads.  You can get magicians which specialise in both ‘traditional magic and more edgy or dark tricks, depending on your theme and the corporate event that you are holding. Always check to see your magicians’ previous work to see what sort of magic that they specialise in to make sure that it is in keeping to what you have in mind. Some magicians are really subversive with their art so it’s worth fully going all out before agreeing on what type of corporate event entertainment to go for.
These type of acts are great for corporate as they can easily be adapted depending on the size of group that you want them to perform too. Whether you are having a sit-down meal or just an office party, you can find an entertainer who will be able to tailor an act to your exact requirements.