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One of the major corporate events of the summer should be the Olympics Games which take place from August the 5th to the 21st in Rio. No more than 10,500 athletes from 206 countries will compete during 17 days. What a party entertainment! 42 sports will be contested, including 2 new additional: golf and rugby which returns to the Games after 92 years. Even if 7, 5 million tickets are available you have to be careful if you want to attend the Games; the sales have already started!

If you would like to book some corporate entertainment to celebrate The Rio Olympics we have tonnes of party entertainment ideas to share and a huge roster of performers that you can book through us for your themed parties. Such as 3 Run, a group of Free Runners & Martial Arts who would be great for your corporate party theme! Or what about these: All Girls who perform Acrobatic Act and would make amazing party entertainment for your guests!

Another entrainment in the UK will definitely be the Paralympics Games from the 7th to the 18th September. 23 sports will be contested during 11 days, by 4,350 athletes from 6668947 countries! This event has already been staged 3 times in North America, 7 in Europe, 4 in Asia and once in Oceania. What a corporate party that should be in Rio over the summer! And of course, there will be sports hospitality!

With an entrainment agency, it’s also possible to book tickets for the Tennis US Open in the Louis Armstrong Stadium, New York. So if you have a wedding party entertainment in the Big Apple, just go to the modern version of the U.S. National Championship. There will be men’s and women’s singles, doubles and also mixed doubles with additional tournaments for senior, junior and wheelchairs players.

You’re still not convinced and want some more corporate event ideas? Let’s have a look at the World Rowing Championships in Rotterdam. It’s the biggest annual World Rowing event for rowers under the age of 23.

If you need party entertainment ideas then give us a call! We are corporate entertainment specialists with over 12 years’ experience in corporate event management and corporate hospitality.