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As the summer festival season slowly comes to an end, and autumn waits to drop. The crazy preparation for Christmas parties and corporate entertainment starts to rise as the season emerges. On top of juggling countless duties, and wondering how the hell you are going to make a corporate event stand out, when Christmas is all about the colour red, trees, tinsel and Father Christmas! Look no further as Contraband is here to take you outside of the box.

Make Christmas Mysterious with MasqMas, a masquerade twist in your event planning to make a statement. Encourage your teams to attend in their fabulous attire and place a colour scheme to enhance the theme of your event. Add an ounce of creativity with offering your guests masquerade face painting to bring your theme to life. Serve funky cocktails with The Cocktail Taxi. Masquerade events are made for dancing and Contraband has a selection of performer,s perfect for this theme which can also be bespoke. You can heighten the entertainment and bring back the Gatsby experience with The Great Gatsby dancers or the Giant Martini Glass.

Christmas and the Candilious Factory

If your innovative spark is craving something more traditional with a bold impact, why not bring out the candy in Christmas in your corporate entertainment. Place lots of candy inspired decorations in between Santa and Tinsel. Give your guests a Hansel & Gretel experience bringing them back to their years when Christmas was everything! Amuse and tip your guests with The Champagne Dress , they are guaranteed to be merry in no time. Bring on an electrifying burlesque troupe to jazz up the traditional carol entertainment, with The Follies. They are perfect for your number one act or why not go for a racier performer by booking the Bella Roller Girls. Complete your theme by adding sweet entertainment which is a winner for encouraging guests to socialise, and giving them something extra to buzz about such as Candy floss Queens or the Ice Cream Girls.

From sweet to sour why not flip your theme by creating the “Nightmare Before GrinchMas” effect in your corporate entertainment Recycle some of those left over Halloween decorations in the office and bring out the Grinch within your planning. Turn delicious toffee apples into green by booking PJ Toffee Apple Cart.

Warm up your guests with Mulled Wine and smoke up the atmosphere with a unique feature such as Whip’s Liquid Nitrogen Frozen Cocktails. Surround the bar with skeletons inside santa hats and tinsel. Place live candy canes like you have never seen before with our human Canapé Trays by The Candy Canes.

Regardless of which theme your innovation takes you too. Let our endless choices of entertainment and talent make your visions come alive. Create a photo corner with a curtain back drop or props to hand, such as santa hats, red noses, mistletoe or tinsel. The Instapod Photo Booth is a great way to market your event and cherish the memories created.