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One important thing about Contraband is that we like to feel that we are surrounded by friends and happiness when we come to work every day. We like to appreciate the time we spend with our colleagues and having fun around them… and not just when we have the pleasure to watch performers coming into the office to show us their acts.

Our brilliant MD, miss Archie Archer, has even taught us that above anything else, she cares about both our professional and personal matters. And that is the key to the friendly and relaxed environment felt in our office on a daily basis.

That said, all opportunities count to build close and warm relationships. That’s why every summer we have what we call our “Contraband away day”.

As for 2014, last weekend we took the train together, all the way to Ascot Racecourse, for the King George Weekend. We had a delightful picnic, took a lot of pictures and watched the races under a warm and sunny day. We had the opportunity to meet one of our performers who spontaneously recited poem from three random words we picked and even came across an homeless guy who told us to bet on a horse called Heavy Metal. Guess what? This horse actually won the race and James got his prize… Lucky him!!