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Team Building Drums – Drumming Workshop | UK

Team Drumming Workshop

Team Building Drums is an interactive drumming and team building workshop, which is a fun and exciting. This drumming workshop is great for corporate entertainment and a unique way of encouraging the participants to interact. This is a fantastic corporate workshop that has been successful for many companies wanting to create a stronger bond within the workplace. 

The workshop starts with a standard introduction with everyone present. They then split the partipants into 2 – 4 breakout groups, taking each to a separate breakout room with a facilitator. The workshop ends with the whole group joining together in the main room. The focus changes in that it is not simply an experience, but a more detailed workshop, taking both the skills and the business analogies to the next level. Because of the longer time, up to 120 minutes, they split the group into smaller groups for more focused learning. 

To start with, an introduction session aimed at both breaking the ice, and developing some basic skills with everybody. This creates a sense of trust that the workshop is not going to be awkward or too challenging. The energy levels are raised and they tap into people’s innate sense of musicality. This first session will last approximately 30 minutes. Moving on to the breakout rooms would take approximately 40 minutes. Returning to the main room they would then do the interactive performance for up to 30 minutes.

Firstly, they have four groups, each of them learning a different piece including parts and a chorus. Secondly, the groups all get to perform their piece in front of the others. Then finally, after showcasing what the delegates have learned to their colleagues, they all play the three pieces in unison as a grand finale. 

This leads into another session with the boomwhackers (plastic tubes) and finally a drumcircle similar to the normal formula. 

During the first session, the focus is on learning a new skill, in a new situation. This is rapid capability learning, and is all about change. One has to have an open mind, drop judgments and be receptive to the expertise of the teacher/facilitator. The spirit of teamwork will take this process to the next level. There is usually a great deal of satisfaction involved in getting it right by the end. 

The piece is demonstrated at the beginning and it looks extremely complex but broken down into “bite sized chunks” is relatively easy. A drum piece is extremely precise and everybody needs to be 100% focused. Everybody absolutely has to work together and a very high level of focus will be required of everyone. 

When the piece is performed in front of the audience, people really get a sense of achievement and the added adrenalin of performing it usually adds even more precision and focus. The learning here is about:

1. An open mind 
2. Clear Guidance/Facilitation/Objectives 
3. Energy 
4. Getting back a lot more then you put in 

The second session is about showing how contrasting, or even conflicting rhythms, when combined, form something greater than the sum of its parts. Creating music together in an orchestra is about doing your part, but still listening to, and being in sync with the “rhythm” of the entire group. There is an overall company philosophy, style or message that is compared with the overall rhythm. There are many comparisons and analogies between a company and an orchestra. 

And finally, by showcasing individuals, and watching how they cope in the spotlight just for a moment, inspires and even relaxes everybody, they then understand that learning about how the synergy between individuals and the group is so central to teamwork.

The drumcircle gets its energy from the people that make it up, but everybody gets back more energy than they put in. This is almost a mystery and is the central concept of all kinds of group energy. A crowd of people has the power to lift itself up, sometimes even into a frenzy, and if a team can harness this power, it can inspire everybody, encourage even more energy and of course leave everyone feeling unified, connected and with a common purpose. 

Standard Length of Performance:

The workshop can last between 90 – 120 minutes. 


”Thanks to the whole gang for doing such a great job – everyone had a blast at the event, largely due to the Drumming Workshop. You guys were the stars of the day!”
– Microsoft

”It was undoubtedly the most successful event we have ever had. Our 160 attendees from 34 countries were delighted to take part in such a motivational, bonding experience from the moment that they stepped into our building. It was the greatest way to start the week.” 
– The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica

” “Really blown away by the experience!”
– Hewlett Packard

”The Drumming Workshop is a refreshing new alternative to interactive audience participation. The mystique of not knowing what it is all about until you get into the performance is enticing! Drumming Workshop creates a synergy and energy that leaves the audience shed of all inhibitions. You must experience it to fully understand!”
– Marriott

”I think the better way to describe it is “completely blown away!” You did a phenomenal job! The executives (along with the attendees) were amazed at how well you incorporated our mission and objectives. I can honestly say that the drumming workshop was THE highlight of our conference. We continue to hear comments on how much fun it was and how impressed people were with you. We couldn’t be happier and really wanted to express our sincere thanks for the performance you gave – you truly provided us an uplifting experience that enriched our daily lives!”
– Starbucks Marketing

Previous Clients & Events Include:

Opening Ceremony of Olympic Games 2008
Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday party
Hewlett Packard
British Council

Photos of Team Drumming Workshop