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Digital Graffiti Wall is an exciting, interactive drawing tool, where users create virtual graffiti on a large wall using a modified digital spray paint can. Digital Graffiti Walls benefit hugely from being mess free and far more environmentally friendly than traditional paint graffiti styles. They are great for corporate events, or for events that need fresh and funky corporate entertainment.

No more swapping paint cans to change colour or having to wear a face mask and gloves, this is totally environmentally friendly and accessible by anyone without any prior computer or graffiti skills.

Digital Graffiti Wall can run event-focused competitions such as ‘Best of Event’ or ‘Best Festival Logo’ and can be customised for many applications.

As well as creating artwork, traditional games such as noughts and crosses and hangman, and more involved, multi-wall games can be played. It really is your wall.

The wall is used in much the same way as a conventional canvas but has the functionality of a typical computer paint program crossed with a simple animation package, enabling users to easily create and explore colours, textures and movement. Artistic creations can then be saved, recalled and played back, as well as utilized in a number of other ways to create unique and personal mementos of their visit to the event. For example, the user will have the option receive a copy of their creation by email free of charge and to email friends and family with a virtual ‘postcard’ from the event. A recent addition to the Digital Graffiti Wall allows T-shirts and stickers to be printed for the user to take away.

The drawing and interfacing is done in Adobe Flash which gives it great flexibility and allows many new functions to be added such as video or more involved interaction.

The software has a built in content management system which allows the addition and removal of brush images and animations. This customisable pallet allows the Digital Graffiti Wall to reflect the type of event, location and target user group. Users will be able to select through themes such as nature, urban, arrows and use animations and images from those themes to add to their compositions. The user’s creation can also be projected onto another screen or multiple screens in a higher visible positions. This not only gives the user’s creation more impact, it also allows more people to view what is being drawn. With a multiple screen setup, the user can choose which screen to edit, leaving the other screens un-effected by changes to the wall.

Digital Graffiti Wall is available for short and long term hire and as permanent bespoke installations. The wall is best suited to indoor events or used at night outside.

The wall measures 3.1m wide, 2.1m high and requires a space of 1.22m behind the screen. This breaks down to the largest part being the screen, measuring 1700mm x 3100mm x 75mm. A fabric version of the screen can be used for situations where the rigid screen cannot gain access.

Graffiti Caricatures

They also offer the hire of the graffiti wall and an artist to do the caricatures for your event, as well as the opportunity to print the images on to T-shirts, mugs, stickers and photos. Guests at the event can also upload their images to their Facebook profiles or alternatively you can upload all the images to a single event page.

iPhone Covers

You can also have you creations printed on iPhone covers! These have proved very popular and are a unique way to showcase your art!

Standard Length of Performance:

It takes 6 hours to draw the Digital Graffiti Wall.

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An exciting, interactive drawing tool

Great for corporate events

Available for short and long term hire

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Here’s what Digital Graffiti Wall’s clients said:

An interactive digital wall that mesmerised on lookers throughout the night.

Once I tried using Digital Graffiti Wall myself I realised what a fun and inventive product it was, with strong potential for a wide variety of applications and different markets.
Deborah Meaden, Dragons Den

I was really impressed with the technology used in Digital Graffiti Wall and Im looking forward to working with Tim and Tom, and also with Deborah, to develop it further and make the business a success.
Peter Jones, Dragons Den

Last night went well and I was really pleased with all the performers. The graffiti guys were spot on, they set up quickly and without any fuss. Everyone loved the wall!….
The Marketing Store Worldwide (via Contraband)



Digital Graffiti Wall’s Previous Clients:

British Media Awards
Mutoid Waste Company
Glastonbury Festival
Secret Garden Party
Bristol Festival
Shambala Festival

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