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Stilt Walkers

These stunning Venetian Stilt Walkers are a walkabout performing act with Venetian characters on high stilts and jumping stilts. They are professional entertainers that provide high class entertainment to international events all over the world. They are available for parades, street theatre, masked balls, and many other events.

The Venetian Stilt Walkers ares available to book in groups of two to five performers.

Standard Length of Performance: As a mix and mingle or walkabout act the Venetian Stilt Walkers are available for 3 x 30 minute sets or 2 x 45 minute sets. Alternatively they can perform a choreographed show of 6 minutes with music, indoors or outdoors.

Venetian Stilt Walkers : Book for your event

Have performed at international events worldwide

Can also perform a choreographed show

Perfect for parades and street theatre

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