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Neo-Soul Singer

Kwabs booking agency – as a booking agency for Kwabs we can arrange for Kwabs to perform at your event. Kwabs is a Neo-Soul singer whose song “Saved” was used in promotional trailers for BBC’s “The Musketeers” and “Walk” was used in ad for’s WeAreUs ad campaign.

Kwab has a mesmerising baritone voice voice that is a richly textured and full of gravitas, striking a balance between vulnerability and power. When he sings in East London’s sold-out Wilton Hall the audience are bewitched and give enthusiastic feedback with an abundance of cheers and excitement rippling through the crowds. This is particularly special, seeing as Kwabs has released only a handful of songs to date. But his incredible vocals and potential show it is only natural.

Kwabs was born and raised in Bermondsey, and grew up with an illustrious musical education. First studying blues at school, shaping his amazing vocals and finding influences in all kinds of music, from classic soul singers like Aretha Franklin to alternative groups like The Stroke, and even some unique electro-pop from groups such as Hot Chip. However, Kwabs became more interested in the rhythms and versatility of Jazz and he soon found himself winning a place at the Royal Academy of Music. A remarkable achievement for the kid from a South London comprehensive with a turbulent childhood spent in and out of state care. Looking back at when he first started at the academy, Kwabs remembers; “It’s almost scary, how do I fit into all this?”. “When you walk around the halls and hear what people are practising, you realise this is the next generation of talented musicians”.

Halfway through his course Kwabs’ began to venture down a different musical path. “I always loved soul and gospel, but I thought it would be cool to apply that voice to a different backdrop,” he explains. “I never wanted to do anything that was throwback”. Kwabs became passionate about the idea of being experimental, exploring ways of focusing on the depth and power of his voice in a world where many male singers were capitalising on perfecting a falsetto.

His track ‘Spirit Fade‘ was produced by The Invisible’s Dave Okumu – an up and coming innovator who has produced for artists like Lulu James , Jessie Ware and Ghostpoet. Kwabs praises him for helping him find his artistic voice. Crediting Okumu for making him look deeper and get in touch with himself, which in turn has resulted in some incredible songs that recount his experiences with magnetism and beauty.

With Kwabs’ voice taking the main focus in his tracks, his emotion is clear and strong, compelling crowds and listeners. From the captivating force of his single ‘Saved’, to his mesmerising cover of James Blake’s ‘The Wilhelm Scream’, then the enchantment and soothing nature of ‘Perfect Ruin’. Kwabs continues to move the public, critics and even fellow singers his wonderfully weighted melodies. Stars Jessie Ware and Emile Sande have even professed their support for him on Twitter.

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