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Jeanine – Contact Juggler | UK & Switzerland

With her act “Ballédanse”, Jeanine offers you a glimpse into her playful world, where hands and feet invert their roles and the ball travels over her gracefully moving body – a unique combination of high skill contact juggling and fluid movement.

Very adaptable, Jeanine has performed in tiny theatres and huge circus rings, for kids as well as for top managers, the magic of the act mesmerizes them all!

Performance lengths can vary according to requirements of the event.

Also available as walkabout and close up manipulation.


“A beautiful cocktail of elegance, creativity and high skills.”
– Sylter Spiegel

“….she astonished with her graceful contact piece…”
– Kaskade

Previous Clients Include:

Snooker World Championship
“Fête des lumières”
Henley Arts Festival
“Festival de lumière”
Gala British Juggling Convention
Empire Circus
“Trophée du re-lookage”
Solycirco Circus Festival
Quax Arts Center
Parade Asian Games

Photos of Jeanine