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Our Artist Spotlight blogs are a weekly feature where we focus on one of our performers, giving you the chance to find out more about the people behind the performances, and offering an insight into the world of coporate Environment 


The Helium Balloon Show is an amazing aerial performance that fills any big outdoor or indoor stage with magic and colours. A huge bunch of big ballons and an acrobat flying with them, without rigs or cranes, static or in movement, anything is possible!
Marta Gitierrez has always loved entertainment and the performing arts in general. Starting with dance and acrobatics, she then learned circus techniques and fell in love with it!
To be one of the best in her field, she has to practice a lot and never stops doing dance,acting,acrobatics, conditioning work outs, dieting, etc. And, of course, also needs to be an easy going, professional and responsible person as well as a respectful co-worker.If she was to advise another person getting started in the indusrtry, she would tell them to be patient and nice with everybody, work hard and be consistent.

Her favorite thing about the performing industry is the variety of work that one is able to do, the people they meet and the places they get to travel… “Wanderlust!”

Besides tarvelling, Matra  gets her inspiration from life, everything she sees and everyone she meets. She loves classical musicians, composers and music in general!
About Contraband, she can only say how good all the experiences have been so far….putting us at the top of her list of agencies to work with!

Being how unusual this job is, it makes her working routine very different from most of her friends and family.
“I think it blends more with personal life, maybe part of this is because we love it and also because it is very demanding and we tavel a lot.”
This is the reason why she loves so much working within the event industry, which offers her such an exciting and dynamic lifestyle! In the future, she only desires to keep on improving herself as an artist, keeping the hard work and living this great experience on a daily basis.