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Yeti – Walkabout Character | UK

Hes big, hes bad hes born again! Not just a new coat, but a brand new aluminium chassis makes him the best Yeti. Working with the Scissor Sisters on their DVD, he’s even played the Albert Hall with them!

Not actually on stilts, but 9ft tall and 6ft wide, so he might as well be. Jointed mechanical construction, incredible outfit, a very popular character, especially with the ladies who just love to hug the big teddy bear. Could be mistaken for a Bigfoot, otherwise known as the Abominable Snowman.

Makes a very amusing walkabout when combined with a minder who will run alongside the giant beast, warning the public of his presence! Perfect for winter wonderland themes in the winter and fantasy or mythically based events all year round. This is one charcater that will grab the attention of all those around him.


”We would like to thank Contraband and the artists for a great event, which happened in good spirits and with a lot of professionalism. I think I probably thanked the artists personally but in case I would have missed a few, all of them have been a lot of fun to work with. Our client was indeed very happy with the group and I hope they have enjoyed Qatar outside of the event hours. To conclude: a great team, wonderful artists who have excelled in flexibility and professionalism.”
- Visual Solutions

Photos of Yeti