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Valerie – Aerial Cube & Acrobalance | UK

Valerie has been performing this unique act in theatres, arenas, corporate events, cruises and many other events worldwide for many years. The act consists of a breath-taking and fluid performance in an aerial cube. The Act can be adapted to any theme to suit your event best. Valerie can also perform a dance trapeze act or Hand Balance and Contortion moves on top of a large globe. She can also perform a ribbon/E.L wire cape/gymnastic routine as a second act on the floor.

Valerie performed her ball contortion on Britain’s Got Talent.

Technical Specification:

Globe Act:

Minimum height of 4 meters.
There are 2 globes available:
120cm – Silver (40kg). Colour can be changed to the event’s requirement.
105cm – Painted as the world (40kg).
Both globes spilt into 2 pieces for easy transportation. Each Ball is 40kg, each half 20kg, travels easy via airplane.
The balls are 1m diameter.
Putting the globe together takes approximately 30 minutes to an hour.
Globe stands on a small ring platform.

Mirror Ball Act:

A minimum of 3.5m head height for the mirror ball. 2m space around me or a minimum of 2m stage space.
The mirror ball travels in 2 bags and the rotating stage in 1 bag also. A fourth bag is needed for costume, make up wires etc.
2 Mirror Ball bags are around 30kg each.
Rotating stage is 24kg.
4th bag will be a maximum of 15kg.
1 plug point for the rotating stage.
Strong white narrow beams and haze to create the best mirror ball effects. Darkness on the room or outside.
2 techies to get the ball on and off the stage

Standard Length of Performance:

The act is approximately 5 minutes long.


”The client was very happy with Valerie who was absolutely amazing”
The Young Guns

“I would like to thank you for your assistance and help with my Boss’s party preparation. All Contraband acts performed incredibly well and showed the high level of professionalism. Once again many thanks and I hope to work with you in the future.”
ALM Services UK Ltd (via Contraband)

Photos of Valerie