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Stilt Walking Trees

Enter into the arboreal world of the Stilt Walking Family Tree. This gentle stilt walking tree act fits natural themes or outdoor events and is perfect for peripheral entertainment or something a little more focused. Strong character’s, beautiful make-up and stunning costumes, combined with an extremely high skill level make this is stilt walking of unparalleled beauty.

Mother Nature is the central character, she is maternal and caring but can also be quite flirtatious. She is the main speaking character and can be fed lines or given information to say that is pertinent to the specific event.

Mo – the Lawn is Mother Nature’s husband and although bigger in stature is definitely under her thumb. He is on the bouncing stilts and can leap around and travel quite quickly. Where Mother Nature depicts a beautifully trimmed topiary, Mo is more the unkempt variety, a little rough around the edges.

Twiggy and Moss are the wood nymphs and are akin to baby monkeys. They never venture too far from Mother Nature’s side and often hide under her skirt. They never stand and only ever crawl along the floor, often cartwheeling to their next hiding place. They love to climb and also have a fascination with peoples toes.

Creeper and Willow are the slightly more frightening characters but in appearance only. Their characters are friendly, enthusiastic and inquisitive and they are usually the characters people find most interesting. Their abundance of leaves and their ability to blend into their surroundings make them ideal at surprising guests and they depict the woodland theme the best. Both Stilt Walking Tree characters are on peg stilts although Creeper uses quad stilts, they are the tallest members.

All the Stilt Walking Tree characters have their own way of interacting with guests and the group dynamic is also fascinating to watch as an observer. They can be interactive or subtle depending on the situation and it is a very versatile act.

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Enter into the arboreal world of the Family Tree

Great for natural themes or outdoor event

A walkabout act of unparalleled beauty

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