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3D Video Mapping Show

Roll Up, Roll up and Test your Strength on the world’s most bombastic circus and funfair themed game! Colourful animations and the ringmaster’s voice will congratulate or taunt your guests as they smack a specially made button, which fires off video playback onto the surface of your choice. They are available to hire for corporate parties, balls, product launch parties, film premieres, anniversaries and weddings.

Decorating a large internal wall, the surface of a building or in fact anything you choose! – the animations can be created bespoke to your theme or schedule. With a crack team of Sound designers, 3D, 2D animators and illustrators, specially made content is easy to include as part of production. Feel free to ask for a quote!

For example:

Compete to see who can whack open a hole in the wall!

Feature your product as a part of the action!

Have a friend or colleague be the voice of the ringmaster!

Standard Length of Performance:

Anytime / period.

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World’s most bombastic funfair game

Colourful animations decorating any surface you choose

Ringmaster congratulates or taunts you

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Here’s what Test Your Strength – 3D Video Mapping Show’s clients said:

“Thank you so much, the show was incredible, truly outstanding and it surpassed all my expectations. Lots and lots of people commented on it throughout the evening, it was definitely the highlight of the party.”

CSA Events

“Thank you so much, the projections were fab and everyone super enjoyed them. The client was thrilled with the event so thank you very much for being a part of it.”

Kit and Caboodle


Test Your Strength – 3D Video Mapping Show’s Previous Clients:

Clients are welcome to discuss providing Sound / Projection themselves if desired.
Projection may depend on controlling light levels somewhat at a venue or outdoor location.


Test Your Strength – 3D Video Mapping Show’s Previous Clients:

Ark Foundation
Stars Foundation
Square Mile
Batman Returns Premiere
Dom Perignon

Videos of Test Your Strength – 3D Video Mapping Show

Book Test Your Strength – 3D Video Mapping Show

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